WARNING: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for audlts, anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

TRii E-cigarette Release New
VPFIT new releases! “TRii” rechargeable vape pod system
October 25, 2019
How prevalent are vapes
How prevalent are vapes? Another amazing market like cigarettes
November 28, 2019

New Releases! All-in-one disposable vape pen “Navo”

New Release Vape Series Navo

As an 11 years’ experienced manufacturer, Shenzhen JSB technology Co.,Ltd(JSB in short) has several hundreds of OEM&ODM clients worldwide in its customer list. JSB puts another model “Navo” on the market. Navo is kind of all-in-one disposable pod which is intended to develp disposable vape market.