WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Cigar-like Vape pen
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January 6, 2023
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January 11, 2023

E-Cigars 2.5ml Rechargeable Ucigar Vape Pod E-Cigarettes

  • Cigarlike Vaporizer Device;
  • Classical ecigar, no ash, no tobacco;
  • 2.5ml replaceable cartridge;
  • 1200mAh chargeable battery;
  • micro-USB charging port;
  • E cigars series best one.
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E-Cigars 2.5ml Rechargeable Ucigar Vape Pod E-Cigarettes product introduction:
This is ours e cigars series products upgraded version vape pen. The best e cigar vape in 2024. Suitable for both beginners and experienced vapors.
Many customers reviews to us that they do need a rechargeable e cigar vape pen for smoking.
Classic cigar style electronic cigarette, but add more function, tank(atomizer/pod) is replaceable.
VPFIT® disposable electronic cigar, no tobacco or tar inside, no ash produce when inhaling it.
A modenized verson of classical cigar, better for health. The best choice for smokeless eCigars.
You can change e cigar tank after e liquid is empty.
In this way,the vape pen life is longer.
The battery design come with pure cobalt cell. Best quality product rechargeable above 300 time.
Ucigar, its a brand new disposable vape pen for vapor.
The VPFIT Uigar provides an ideal draw resistance, delivering a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience

Compare with eariler older generation e cigars, Ucigar has better flavor taste.(accept OEM)
Welcome to be ours only agent/distributor in your country!
ATTN: E cigar product is recyclable consumer electronics products. Please do not drop outside randomly. Lets protect ours earth together.

Ucigar Descriptions:
1.Classic ecigar style USB rechargeable for taste a better vaping life.
2.Starter kit vape pen ,cartridge come with 2.5ml eliquid but up to 1200 puffs somke.
3.1200ohm pure cobalt battery cell.more than 300 times charge and out put average 3.6 voltage power for heating coil,better vaping function.
4.Cool size cool color e cigars product with easy operation.
5.Luxury e cigars come with gift box for smoke starter. Long life time use the product.
6.With 6 months warranty by VPFIT.
7.E-cigars series products come with another disposable e cigar one,please check from ours other product catalog.
8.Welcome OEM!jsbvape e cigarettes is factory quality model in China.






Material:pure cobalt



USB port recharge battery

Life:above 300 times recharge.


Resistance:1.6 ohm

E-liquid:2.5ml support up to 1200 puffs smoking time.

Cotton heating wire

Its replaceable.please check from pictures

Main body

Size:diameter 17mm, length 151mm



Stainless steel main body.

Food grade paper sticker.

With bole,green,red,orange,pink,wihte colors LED indicator light.

(welcome OEM)


Cigar Pattern


Cigars taste,









Welcome ODM


0% to 5% for choice

Working principle

With air sensor control.8 seconds protect system.

Turn on when smoking(LED light up together)

Turn off when stop smoke,no air flow.


Gift box:Ucigar starter kit

1 x Battery

3 x Cartridges(2.5ml)

Carton box: 200PCs

Order details

Sample order: welcome!

Wholesale order: 1000 MOQ

OEM ODM order:2000 MOQ/flavor or color


1. paypal for sample order

2. TT(wire transfer) for wholesale order

3. 30% deposit+70% balance payment for OEM ODM order


Air transport or sea transport