WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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August 27, 2021
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Refillable Best Vape Pod System Erino Dual Coils Flavors

  • Size: 96mmx32mmx14mm
  • Power Capacity: 500mAh
  • Pod Capacity: Dual-flavors pod, 1.6ml/flavor, 2 flavors, total 3.2mL
  • Vaporizer Body: Aluminum alloy(painting/electroplate)
  • Body Color: Coffe/ Space Grey/ Colorful gradient/ Brushed/ Black
  • Heating Element: 1.0Ω mesh core
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Connect Type: Magnetic force

Flavor Switcher: rotate bottom cover 180 degrees to change the flavor3.2mL huge pod capacity Multiple Circuit Protection of erino vape create an immersive vape experience for you two filling slots/dual flavor/ refillable pod The erino vape kit includes

Product Background:

  • Erino disposable vape pen is a open pod system with power switch for choose flavor function.it is best vape pod system model.
  • 2 flavors in 1 pod tank . enjoy better vaping life!
  • Strong magnet interface .transparent PC material atomizer.
  • 1.6ml x 2 eliquid. provide 450 puffs x 2 smoke taste. And 0-5% nicotine for option.
  • Up to 1.38mm thickness Aluminum alloy precision main body. Brings you a super quality feeling.
  • Atomizer is flat shape curve mouthpiece,half clear color ,easy control feel go yourself’s comfortable smoke feeling.
  • The mesh coil technology provide average heating and vaping eliquid.
  • With type-c recharge and air flow adjustable function.

erino vape pod system Descriptions:

  1. Best luxury refillable vape pod system with dual heating coils for themself flavor for vapors. It has 2 heating tanks to let you choose different flavor. And each tank is refillable themself.
  2. You will 120% like it when you take in your hand. Much more better than your expect!
  3. Precision main body material fit each other with out any block. Smooth comfortable cover each other .
  4. Many times repeated experiments,no leaking ,no blocking,no defect.
  5. Very strong swtich 180 degree control 2 tanks power.long using time.
  6. Device is perfectly cooperate eliquid to provide very comfortable flavors.
  7. Big cloud smoking taste .Best vape pod!
  8. 6 months warranty after the date when you received.






Material:pure cobalt

Capacity: 500mah


Magnet jack for pod/tank

With Type-C rechargeable

Power switch function

LED indicator


Resistance:1.0 ohm each mesh coil

Refillable tank,with silicone plugs for each vaporizer side.

E-liquid:1.6ml x 2 (dual coils design)

Half clear atomizer(pod),control e liqudid capacity.

Magnet jack for battery/power

Mesh coil design better vaping

Main body


Weight:57g by empty device.


food grade PC atomizer.

0.8mm and 1.38mm thickness aluminium alloy main body.very good quality feeling.

Magnet jack


5 colors for choice:

Coffe/ Space Grey/ Colorful gradient/ Brushed/ Black

Welcome OEM

Working principle

180 degree reverse switch to change power of supporting 2 heating coils.

(for more,please check user manual)

With air sensor control.

Turn on when smoking.

Turn off when stop smoke,no air flow.


Gift box 116g by full kit.126*68*39mm


1pc battery

1pc pod

1pc USB type-C charging cable

1pc user manual

Order details

Sample order: welcome!

Wholesale order: 1000 MOQ

OEM ODM order:2000 MOQ/flavor or color


1. paypal for sample order

2. TT(wire transfer) for wholesale order

3. 30% deposit+70% balance payment for OEM ODM order


Air transport or sea transport