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Kentucky vape retailer files lawsuit over new vaping law
Kentucky vape retailer files lawsuit over new vaping law
April 18, 2024

Wales health department proposes to ban flavor vape sale

Wales health department proposes to ban flavor vape sale

Public Health Wales has set up a task force to tackle the rapid rise in vaping among teenagers. The task force recommended banning vape manufacturers and dealers from selling attractive flavors. Such as bubble gum. Because vape shops sometimes advertise with eye-catching signage on the way to and from school.

This recommendation is one of four recommendations made by the working group in a report released on Thursday (18th).

Measures to controls the vaping products.

Its four main control measures are as follows:

  1. Denormalise vaping – Stop vaping in spaces primarily for children and young adults. Settings working with children should have vape free policies.
  2. Packaging and Display – Restrict on the advertising, packaging and display of vapes in Wales. Because it could be “one of the most effective measures to address vaping amongstchildren and young people in Wales.”.
  3. Disposable products – Ban the sale of single use disposable vapes.
  4. Flavors – Flavor names should be legally restricted to basic descriptions. Such as tobacco, mint, mint and fruit.

Chris Emmerson, an adviser to the department, says:

“These best practices provide a comprehensive framework for supporting young vapers in Wales. By implementing these practices, we can better address the complex needs of children and young people struggling with vaping dependency. Nicotine replacement therapies, which are already offered to people aged over 12 who are smoking. (It) is one tool that could help children and young people out of their dependency on vaping in tandem with other support mechanisms.”

Vape manufacturer: protect the youth, and consider for the adults.

As responsible vape manufacturing company, VPFIT always support keeping teenagers away from vapes. But totally ban the sales of flavor vapes may not be the best solution.

“Youth should not touch vaping products and cigarettes. We support stop selling or advertising vapes near schools and minors. Also, the vape packing and displaying should also avoid attractive contents.” Mr. Franky Zhou, General Manager of VPFIT says.

Also, he emphases,

“However, we do not think banning flavor vapes and disposable vapes is the best solution. Vaping products are alternative and useful tools to adult people to quit smoking. We should also consider for the adult smokers.”

Besides, there are various solutions to avoid youth from getting vapes. For example, the vape seller should check the age of buyer to confirm he/she is legal in age to use vape device. And, more education is needed to educate minors about the potential harms of vapes and cigarettes.

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