WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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August 26, 2021
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September 10, 2021

Best Pod Vape System VIDA Disposable Vape Carts 2ml Bang Kit

– 113.8mmx23mmx13mm Vape size

–  2.0mL Pod Capacity

– Power Capacity 600mAh

– Aluminum vlloy vape body

– Five colors available

– 0.8Ω mesh core heat element.

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Product background:

  • First time when you meet it.you will be amazed by designer’s inspiration.This is best idea for a pod system.
  • It looks like a noble imperial concubine.come with full air of dignity.
  • Pureness lines together with graceful concave and convex shape pod.clean and pure
  • Precision sizes make every parts are exactly fits together.
  • 2ml capacity for e-liquid. Provide 600 puffs smoking time. Enjoy yourself driving clouds!
  • Atomizer is 70% precent clear transparency ,bring you eyes visual enjoyment also easy control e-liquid capcity.
  • Vaporizer come with auto-lock refillable function. Easy refill eliquid and lock after finish.
  • Type-c rechargeable .

VIDA-best vape pod system Descriptions:

  1. VIDA is a open disposable vape pod system, with many customers reviews are:it is the best vape pod in the world!Which is great for users who are looking for budget-friendly and eco-friendly option that works well with optimal trends. with refillable pod, you can enjoy the flavor as you fill.
  2. Once its cartridge is empty, it can be reused environmentally.
  3. With a portable size and light weight, it’s also pocket-friendly and fits perfectly in the palm.
  4. The device comes with 2.0ml of e-liquid capacity and is powered by a 500mAh battery.
  5. The VIDA is MTL draw-activated getting ready to vape whenever you need.
  6. It also support Type-C charging with 600mAh battery, that excellently prolongs the en-durance and improve the utilization, much more cost-effective that those similars.
  7. Welcome OEM vape pod pens.We are top electronic cigarette manufacturer since from 2008.






Material:pure cobalt

Capacity: 600mah


Magnet jack for pod/tank

With Type-C rechargeable

White color LED indicator

Light up by brand logo on side of vape pen

Pod( vape carts)

Resistance:0.8 ohm

Refillable tank.

Injection needle into children resistance closure system.

Need a little power press needle when refilling.


70% precent clear atomizer(pod)

Magnet jack for battery/power

Mesh coil design better vaping

Main body


Weight:34g by empty device.


Food grade PC atomizer&half transparent.

1mm thickness aluminium alloy main body.

Magnet jack


5 colors for choice:

Black /pink /brown/Silver //Brown

Welcome OEM

Working principle

With air sensor control.

Turn on when smoking.LED indicator light up by logo on side.

Turn off when stop smoke,no air flow.


Gift box 102g by full kit.142*70*42mm


1pc battery

1pc pod

1pc USB type-C charging cable

1pc user manual

Order details

Sample order: welcome!

Wholesale order: 1000 MOQ

OEM ODM order:2000 MOQ/flavor or color


1. paypal for sample order

2. TT(wire transfer) for wholesale order

3. 30% deposit+70% balance payment for OEM ODM order


Air transport or sea transport