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April 19, 2024

Wales health department proposes to ban flavor vape sale

Public Health Wales has set up a task force to tackle [...]
April 18, 2024

Kentucky vape retailer files lawsuit over new vaping law

The vape and cannabis industries in Kentucky, USA are challenging the [...]
April 17, 2024

FDA issues MDO for 65 MNGO Disposable Sticks Vape – China Vape

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 15 announced [...]
April 16, 2024

Missouri vape bill passes legislative process – Chinese Vape

A bill that aims to regulate the retail sales of vapes [...]
April 15, 2024

Canada will resume flavored vape ban – Vape Factory China

Canada will reinstate its ban on flavored vapes three years ago. [...]
April 12, 2024

Canada releases draft regulations on vape product excise tax

Recently, the Canadian Ministry of Finance released draft regulations on the [...]
April 11, 2024

Alabama Vape Bill Sparks Controversy

The Alabama Legislature is considering a bill targeting underage smoking. The [...]
April 9, 2024

UK vape merchants fear new tax may surge black market

Recently, the British government plans to launch a new vape tax [...]
April 8, 2024

U.S. teenage vape users are declining – China Vape Factory

A new report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) notes that [...]
April 5, 2024

Scotland publishes disposable vapes public consultation – UK vape

The Scottish Government is conducting a six-week public consultation on disposable [...]
April 3, 2024

Scotland Health Minister calls for minimum prices on vapes and tobacco

Scotland health minister calls for minimum prices on vapes and tobacco. [...]
April 2, 2024

Ireland to ban vape advertising targeting minor – Vape China

Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly this week launched a new regulation. [...]
April 1, 2024

New Zealand delays disposable vape ban until October – VPFIT China Vape Factory

The New Zealand government has announced that the disposable vape ban [...]
March 29, 2024

Australia vape ban make China vape exports drop by 93%

China vape to Australia is dropping. The General Administration of Customs [...]
March 28, 2024

ACS warns disposable vape ban will boost £645m illegal trade

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) warns that if disposable vapes [...]
March 27, 2024

250 million disposable vapes to be thrown away before UK vape ban

Research reveals that 250 million single-use vapes will be thrown away [...]