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Only for audlts, anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

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Reynolds Tobacco filed a “337 investigation”, involving 26 Vape Companies in China and US
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Vape Brand Supreme Stop Using Bright Package and Simplify Vape Flavor Name

Vape Brand Supreme Stop Using Bright Package and Simplify Vape Flavor Name

Vape Brand Supreme Stop Using Bright Package and Simplify Vape Flavor Name

Vape manufacturer and wholesaler Supreme has announced a series of measures to reduce the use of its own brand vape products by minors. And reduce the environmental impact of disposable vapes. The initiatives will launch in the coming months, with calls for the UK vape market to follow suit.

The vape brands belong to Supreme

Supreme’s vape brand 88Vape and e-cigarette liquid products are sold in supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, B&M and Morrisons. At the same time, Supreme also owns other e-cigarette brands such as Liberty Flights, KiK and Zillion.

various flavor vapes with colorful package - photo in vape store

various flavor vapes with colorful package – photo in vape store

Specific measures are as follows:

1. the 88Vape product line, from disposable vapes to 10ml e-liquids, will be evaluated to ensure that the use of color is very limited.

The colors will be only as a tool to distinguish between different products. In addition, the packaging is plain and uniform;

2. the vape brand will not use pictures, cartoons or characters on packaging.

Stop all brightly color disposable vaping devices. The company’s 88Vape disposable series will be switched to simple black, white or gray hardware. Moreover, they will phase out all bright colors sooner rather than later. In addition, only push out flavors suitable for adults.

3. the nomenclature of all vape flavors in the 88Vape series will be simplified.

For example, ‘Peach Dream’ will become ‘Peach’ and ‘Sweet Strawberry’ will become ‘Strawberry’ to reduce the interest of underage vape users. In addition, flavors that may appeal to underage vapers will be removed from the range entirely.

4. only deal with retailers with strict age verification.

Supreme will increase its “pre-order” due diligence on all offline and online vape retailers. So as to clearly confirm and ensure that they have robust age verification protocols in place. Additionally, For retailers that cannot meet this requirement, Supreme will no longer conduct transactions.

5. responsible placement of products in stores.

Supreme will advise all retailers that their vape products should not placing near candy. And the vape brand will work with retailers to find an appropriate location in stores to ensure that underage vape users are not exposure to vaping products.

6. the vape manufacturer will place vape recycling bins in stores.

Supreme is installing vape bins throughout the stores of its largest client, B&M Retail, to encourage people to dispose of disposable vape devices more responsibly.

7. Government Cooperation.

The vape manufacturer and wholesaler Supreme will continue to work with the government to combat underage vape use and support further legislation. For example, the vape industry association’s proposal to require licensing of vaping product sales. Moreover, the propose of heavy fines for retailers selling vapes to minors.

8. Industry cooperation.

Supreme will encourage other vape brands it cooperates with to follow suit.


Supreme CEO Sandy Chadha comments that, “Whilst we believe flavoured vapes are a critical part of many ex-smokers ‘quitting journey’ as they seek to replace that tobacco taste for something more palatable, we are also desperate to ensure that those flavors do not spark any interest in younger people.”