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Canada police crack down on illegal sales of vape
Canada police crack down on illegal sales of vape
April 1, 2023
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April 6, 2023

Vape UK:Impact On Manchester After Elfbar Excessive Incident

Vape UK: Impact On Manchester After Elfbar Excessive Incident

Famous Manchester Vape Distribution Channel Cluster Center in the UK. Where a large number of Chinese vape brands have gathered. such as VAPORESSO, VOOPOO, ELFBAR, SMOK, GEEK BAR, VPFIT etc.

In February this year, BAT reported that the ELFBAR e-liquid content exceeded the standard. Almost the entire Shenzhen vape industry chain is concerned about one thing. That is the recent situation and future trends of vapes in the UK.

www.jsbvape.com is giant in the vape industry. Its VPFIT has also been affected to some extent in the UK. Although we provide vpark, vpen, iSim, vgo, and iSlide. These 5 models are all products that comply with UK and European legal standards.E-liquid content are 1.4ml 1.9ml and 2.0ml But it still suffers from a decline in sales.

JSBvape world view has specifically conducted an in-depth investigation into matters. By reports from internet:

Some dealers said that the problem of excessive e-liquid has had an impact on their business. Currently, only small retail stores will continue to purchase ELFBAR600 products.And many specialty stores are no longer to purchase them. One dealer stated that their strategy for this is to promote SKE products to replace ELFBAR.

It is reported that SKE has also been taken off the shelf due to excessive smoke and oil. (Previous reports: SKE Crystal Disposable Vape Pulled From The Shelves In UK)

However, some dealers have also stated that the problem of excessive e-liquid has not affected their business. Some dealers even claim that the current sales volume is better than before the incident of exceeding the standard of e-liquid.

“There is still nothing that can truly replace ELFBAR in the market,” said a dealer who mainly supplies independent retail stores. The dealer said that the two most popular flavors of ELFBAR will soon be sold out, and no one has inventory, and sometimes they need to purchase from other dealers.

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