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Swedish reducing smoking rates through vapes
Swedish reducing smoking rates through vapes
March 31, 2023
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Canada police crack down on illegal sales of vape

Canada police crack down on illegal sales of vape

JSB vape world view:On March 29, according to a report by the Canadian media globenewswire. The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) recently praised the police departments of Sanich and Calgary for conducting an investigation into companies and individuals selling nicotine vape products to minors.

Detect multiple vape cases targeting minors.

Gemini convenience store in Calgary, Alberta, was fined C $10000 by law enforcement authorities for selling vape products to minors and failing to verify the age of customers under the age of 25, in violation of Canada’s Tobacco, Smoking, and Smoking Reduction Act.

In addition, police in Sanwich, British Columbia, uncovered a case of selling nicotine and marijuana products to junior and high school students through the social media platform “Snapchat”. They seized products worth more than 100000 Canadian dollars in total, but the police did not file charges.

The Saniqi police are working with federal agencies to determine if there are any violations. CVA hopes to file charges against the case under the federal Tobacco and Vaporized Products Act (TVPA) and the Cannabis Act.

CVA Calls for Increasing Law Enforcement Resources.

Darryl Tempest, CVA’s chairman, said, “Facts have proven that these regulations can effectively combat attempts by teenagers, but no amount of regulations can defeat individuals who are willing to break the law. CVA has called for increased law enforcement resources and is pleased that local police departments have taken action to protect teenagers.”

It is reported that currently, Canada’s punishment for sales to minors is too lenient and does not serve as an effective deterrent. Although the initial criminal act deserves leniency, repeated sales to minors require more severe fines and penalties. For those willing to break the law, small fines become a cost of doing business, and the consequences are considered benign.

The survey found that teenagers most often obtain vape products from social sources. The solution to preventing young people from illegally obtaining vape products is not more regulation, but more law enforcement and resources dedicated to law enforcement.

JSB vape has always adhered to the attitude of prohibiting minors from contacting vapes.

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