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Vape UK: Impact On Manchester After Elfbar Excessive Incident
Vape UK:Impact On Manchester After Elfbar Excessive Incident
April 3, 2023
UK Vape Retail Store Sales Surged rechargeable disposable vape
UK Vape Retail Store Sales Surged
April 7, 2023

China Vape Ispire Stock $19M IPO

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As famous Chinese vape brand. Aspire has always appeared as good quality to customers. Luxury brand vape product in China.

After CEO Tuanfang Liu’s many years ploughing and weeding. Aprire become great day by day.

In 4th April,Ispire Technology (NASDAQ stock code: ISPR) surged 34% after a $19 million reduction in its initial public offering on Tuesday, before falling slightly above the offering price.

JSBvape world noticed that Ispire’s stock price opened at $8.53 and then reached a high of $9.38 around 11:10 a.m. Eastern Time in the United States. The stock subsequently plummeted and recently changed hands at around 11:50 am Eastern Time for $7.20, a 3% increase from its initial public offering price of $7 per share.

The company issued 2.7 million shares and raised $19 million. The underwriter received a 45 day option to purchase up to 405000 additional shares to compensate for the over allotment. Tiger Securities is the only bookkeeper in the United States.

The company stated that the two shareholders who sold their shares may issue 1.75 million additional shares.

Ispire first applied to raise $42 million. In late March, the company reduced the proposed transaction size to $21 million.

The successful IPO of Ispire in the United States is a great confidence boost for Chinese electronic cigarette companies. We look forward to the continuous arrival of good news.

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