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April 6, 2023
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UK Vape Retail Store Sales Surged

UK Vape Retail Store Sales Surged rechargeable disposable vape

UK vape news: According to reports, staff from Morrisons, One Stop, Tesco, and Asda stores contacted by Better Retail confirmed that in recent weeks, supermarkets have removed certain batches of Elfbar and SKE Crystal products because they exceed the legal limit of 2ML electronic cigarette oil.

The delisting of these products by supermarkets has benefited independent retailers. Nishi Patel from Londis Bexley Park in Dartford told the media, “Compared to before, our disposable vapes have increased their weekly sales by £ 1000.

Nishi Patel stated that this is the combined result of the supermarket delisting event and the increase in tobacco tax announced in the spring budget. Customers do not want to pay more for tobacco, so they are being pushed towards more affordable e-cigarette products.

Similarly, Nisa retailer Shahid Ali’s e-cigarette sales increased by 14% -17% year-on-year, while Kent store owner Alan Mannings noticed more customers inquiring about his disposable vape series. Both retailers attribute the price increase to recent supply issues at nearby supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s staff told the media that the supply of supermarkets will resume as they have received delivery of Elfbar batches that meet the requirements. Some Booker retailers have also confirmed to Better Retailing that the wholesalers have replenished their inventory.

The store owner added that they have increased promotional activities to continue benefiting from increased sales and stand out from the supermarket as supply resumes.

Patel told the media, “We have placed our disposable vape pens on the store floor and on the other end of the checkout counter to help attract customers’ attention. We are also conducting some promotional activities, such as buying three for £ 12.

Another retailer added that they have created a cash register menu that displays available vapes and their prices for customers to use.

Vince Malone of Tenby Village Stores&Post Office in Pembroke County changed the inventory mode to prepare for future recall.

Vince Malone said, “Every store in town has taken down their disposable vapes and there is a high possibility of another recall. I am purchasing substitutes from companies such as Blu for two to three days to help us cope with this situation.

Blu is a new disposable vape brand of glowing very fast in UK.

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