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SKE Crystal Disposable Vape Pulled From The Shelves In UK

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According to the media website The Grocer, the disposable vape brand SKE Crystal has been removed from the shelves in the UK due to violations.

Previously, several disposable vape brand products, including SKE Crystal, were tested by independent laboratories commissioned by BAT and found to contain more than the 2ml standard allowed by British law.

It is reported that SKE Crystal is the top 10 vape brand in the UK with market share.

Laboratory testing of best-selling devices including SKE Crystal, Smoke Mbar, IVG, Found Mary, Klik Klak, Solo, and Solo+has found that the amount of nicotine juice analyzed in disposable products far exceeds the legally permissible 2 milliliters.

In a letter from BAT to retailers and wholesalers by The Grocer report, Fredrik Svensson, the company’s UK general manager, urged them to take appropriate measures to ensure that you do not provide non compliant products.

He said he hoped that they would urgently review the supply of any products in your inventory, especially those products that our tests have proven to be non compliant with tobacco and related product regulations.

It is understood that this letter has been sent to all retailers conducting procurement.

In his letter, Svensen warned that responsible retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers must ensure that the long-term sustainability of the vape category is protected by law and only provide compliant products for sale.

“Of course, you will be fully aware of the risks of corporate and personal liability arising from selling non compliant products,” he added.

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