WARNING: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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ELFBAR LOST MARY has a nicotine content more than 50% in UK

ELFBAR LOST MARY nicotine content UK - JSBvape world view report

JSBvape world view report: according to the Daily Mail and the Mirror, on the evening of March 4, London time, the nicotine content of ELFBAR’s product LOSTMARY exceeded more than 50% of the UK’s statutory limit. This is ELFBAR’s second “excessive nicotine content incident” in the UK this year.

According to the report, the BM600 double of apple flavored vape pen of five Lost Mary’s bought from the supermarket Sainsbury’s were further tested and found to contain 3.6ml of tobacco oil on average. While the five vape pens of the same watermelon ice flavor bought from Asda were found to contain 3.2ml of tobacco oil on average.

According to the Daily Mail, the nicotine content of some BM600 products exceeded 80% of the maximum limit. The Daily Mail further explained that the reason for nicotine exceeding the standard was that the content of tobacco oil exceeded the standard, reaching 3.6ml (the legal limit was 2ml). But the Daily Mail did not indicate whether the concentration of nicotine exceeded the legal standard (the legal standard was 2%).

After receiving the test results, Sainsbury’s and Asda, the British supermarket chains, said they would remove the LOST MARY BM600 products.

According to the report, although vape manufacturers must register the details of their products (such as nicotine content) with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) before they can sell them in the UK. MHRA will not conduct any tests on vapes during the product registration period.

MHRA will only take action when it receives a warning of product violation, such as nicotine content exceeding regulatory limits.

Andrew Bush, professor of pediatrics at Imperial College London, told the Daily Mail: “This is absolutely shocking. When the media is needed to expose major violations, what is the role of our regulatory system?

Andrew Bush said, “We urgently need to carry out compliance inspection when manufacturers register e-cigarettes and conduct further spot checks after e-cigarettes are listed to ensure that the company complies with the law.”

Chris Allen, CEO of Broughton Laboratories, which conducted the test, said that the regulatory authority needed to solve this problem quickly. He hoped to see the regulatory authority take strong actions, such as removing the out-of-limit products, completing the product test and destroying the non-conforming products.

The Daily Mail said in its report that it contacted ELFBAR to comment on the test of LOST MARY products, but did not receive a response.