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March 3, 2023
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Smoore Power Alpha appeared in TPE 2023 battery life longer

Smoore Power Alpha in TPE 2023

The 2023 American International Tobacco Product Exhibition (TPE) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States. At the TPE International Exhibition, Smoore released a new disposable product solution – Power Alpha.

Power Alpha has two patented technologies – TOPOWER disposable battery and COREX heater technology, which solve the problems of short battery life, inconvenience in charging and fading taste after charge.

It is reported that under the same volume, the power of TOPOWER disposable battery increases by 30%; At the same power level, the battery volume is 30% lower than that of ordinary batteries, and 6000 ports can be provided without charging. This battery technology can also ensure the taste consistency of the product throughout its life cycle.

In addition, Power Alpha also upgraded the heating element solution COREX, which increased the conductivity of e-liquid by 15.8% and the absorption rate of e-liquid by 23.5%. The new airflow design improves the atomization efficiency by 30% and completely eliminates the condensate phenomenon.

At the TPE International Exhibition, the vaping brand KIWI and other brands carrying the one-time technical solution of FEELM MAX ceramic core, a high-end technology brand of Smoore, were exhibited together. KIWI is a leading vaping brand in Italy, with 40000 offline retail stores.