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Thailand ECST full confidence in the legalization of vaping

Thailand ECST confidence vaping - VPFIT disposable vape pen factory

Thailand ECST confidence vaping - VPFIT disposable vape pen factory

By JSBvape world view. Thailand is considering lifting the ban on vaping and implementing regulation. Saligupta, director of ECST in Thailand, said that they are confident that the Thai parliament will pass the legalization bill of electronic cigarette after the general election in May.

Saligupta said that most government officials and the public are in favor of lifting the ban on vaping. At present, ECST and other groups have been working with government officials to legalize and regulate vaping. Although the Thai government has been reminding tourists that e-cigarettes are illegal in the country, this situation will not continue.

According to reports, Thai legislator Chaiwut Thanakamansorn said that they were exploring the way of legalization of electronic cigarette and believed that vaping could be used as a safe substitute for those who could not quit smoking. He also said that if the tobacco industry is transformed into a more sustainable industry, local tobacco growers and the Thai Tobacco Bureau will also benefit greatly. Recently, he also said that he would set up a working group to analyze whether electronic cigarettes could be legalized and help smokers find alternatives to help them quit smoking.

At present, Thailand’s electronic cigarette regulation bill has been drafted and is awaiting discussion and approval by the parliament.

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