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BAT launched store “Glo studio” in Korea for new vapes taste
March 2, 2023
Thailand ECST confidence vaping - VPFIT disposable vape pen factory
Thailand ECST full confidence in the legalization of vaping
March 3, 2023

Australian Green Party MP proposes to legalize e cigarettes

Australian legalize e-cigarettes - Photo from VPFIT, a top China vape factory

Australian legalize e-cigarettes - Photo from VPFIT, a top China vape factory

By JSBvape world view:Cate Faehrmann, a member of the Australian Green Party and spokesman for the health department, proposed a proposal to legalize the nicotine e cigarettes of Australian adults. The proposal aims to reduce the opportunities for young people to obtain electronic cigarettes through the black market, and regulate the harmful effects related to electronic cigarette equipment.

The proposal outlines strategies to effectively reduce the negative impact of e-cigarette consumption. The Green Party’s regulations will include monitoring and reducing the nicotine content in electronic cigarettes.

The Green Party also proposed to issue a health warning to all e-cigarette products, similar to the current situation on cigarettes, and establish a recycling system to minimize waste pollution caused by illegal e-cigarettes.

The Green Party will make producers responsible for the scrapping of these products and require retailers to operate a ‘smoke waste’ recycling system.

JSBvape hope it coming soon.

3rd Mar,2023