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BAT launched store “Glo studio” in Korea for new vapes taste

Korea vape BAT launched store Glo studio

JSBvape world view news:BAT launched the comprehensive experience flash store “Glo studio” in South Korea on February 17, and launched the new product “Glo Hyper X2” activity on February 27, located in Yishandong, Chung Road District, Seoul.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The main feature of “Glo studio” is the shape of iris shutter, which is also the symbol of “Glo Hyper X2”. The entrance is designed by imitating the electronic cigarette induction coil.

After the entrance, four experience spaces are prepared to experience the product directly or indirectly, with the theme of “journey to find yourself”.

The four experience spaces are named “your space”, “your color”, “your taste” and “your way”. You can experience “Glo Hyper X2” along these spaces. Each space is designed to help users choose their favorite background to take selfies or enjoy drinks. Each space also has a resident guide.

BAT has cooperated with the handmade beer brand Amazing Bruing Company. The launch of “Hyper Mac X2” is a beer made by mixing the two kinds of beer with prominent fruit flavor, Al and Black Beer Porter. The name is a combination of “Hyper X2” and “Mac X2”, which means “two kinds of beer combine into one”. “Hyper Mac X2” can be tasted in this store, and visitors can customize their own taste.

All visitors who buy “Hyper Mac X2” will get a 30% discount, and can take photos and publish them on social media with # HyperMacX2 as a tag to get instant photo printing for saving.

Congratulations to BAT!