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2 China vape factories closed – industry downturn

2 China vape factories closed - industry downturn

On March 120th, according to a notice released by the China vape industry chat group, Shenzhen Vapexcel Technology Co., Ltd. announced its dissolution on March 10th, and provided solutions to employee salary issues.

According to the information provided by Vapexcel on various recruitment websites, its former name Shenzhen Piper Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2012 and changed to its current name in 2019. Currently, it has a factory building of over 3000 square meters and 186 employees. Its main business is the research and development and production of vape and natural plant extract atomization equipment. It has over 30 patents, 5 invention patents, and 3 copyrights.

Vapexcel’s brands include six product lines: Vapexcel, Vooto, Weeto, Weitu, Weevo.

And another manufactuerer named shenzhen tuwei  technology Co.,Ltd also issued a statement of suspension of production.It has been resolved to dissolve and cancel on January 12, 2023.

Therefore, the two vape factories that claim to have WEETO, one of which has just announced its dissolution, and the other has already been dissolved.

Why they were disbanded, it is unclear whether it was due to the downturn in the vape industry or any other reasons.

According to the regulations of the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration on vapes, enterprises that do not obtain vape production licenses will not be allowed to produce and operate in China. The announcement of the dissolution of the two companies may be due to the lack of a production license.

In a word, at present, whether genuine or counterfeit non national standard disposable vapes are illegal vapes and cannot be circulated in the domestic market.

By JSBvape world view 20th March,2023.