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Disposable Vape Ban Does Not Stop VPZ From Expanding
Disposable Vape Ban Does Not Stop VPZ From Expanding
March 11, 2024
UK Set Disposable Vapes Ban in Draft Regulation
UK Set Disposable Vapes Ban in Draft Regulation | China Vape
March 13, 2024

Colorado Flavor Vape Ban Fails Again | China Vape Factory

Colorado Flavor Vape Ban Fails Again - China Vape Factory

Colorado Democrats failed to pass a bill to ban flavored tobacco and nicotine products in the state House. The House Business Affairs & Labor Committee voted 6-5 to reject the proposal on March 7 afternoon.

Several council members vote against the legislation.

They think this flavor vape ban may have a potential impact on local businesses. Their stance echoed testimony from several vape retailers. These retailers say that if the county government bans flavored vape, it will affect their sales.

Bill sponsor Elizabeth Velasco said, “We have a long history of choosing to listen to the tobacco lobby. I hope that today we can really think about the children and make sure that we do the right thing to make sure that our children don’t have access to these products that have been targeted for them.”

The proposal had previously passed a Senate committee and a vote by all senators. But in 2022, the bill failed as Gov. Jared Polis said the issue was local responsibility. The governor has yet to publicly state his stance on this year’s bill. But during the legislative session two years ago, Polis said he opposed a statewide flavor ban. And, he said it should be a decision made by local officials.

As of 2022, the proposal was supported by public health and children’s advocacy groups. However, it also aroused strong opposition from tobacco and business interests. The two sides launched a fierce debate on the proposal.

(News source: Colorado Democrats once again kill bill to regulate flavored tobacco)

Flavored vape manufacturers and companies react to this.

To the vape companies, this will be good news. Vapes, as alternatives to smokers, have their advantages in helping quit smoking. Flavor vaping devices can make the transition from smoking to vaping more enjoyable. Thus they can reduce the desire for traditional cigarettes.

By offering a variety of flavors, vapes can provide a more satisfying and customized experience.

So, they can help smokers stay away from combustible tobacco products.

As a professional vape manufacturer, VPFIT always opposes an entire ban on flavor vapes.

Banning flavor vapes entirely may limit choices for adult smokers. Then, they may hard to seek alternatives to combustible tobacco.

So, it is crucial to strike a balance. That is a balance between protecting youth and promoting harm reduction for adult smokers.

On one hand, we need to implement regulations that restrict access to flavored vapes for minors. On the other hand, ensuring access for adults who use them as cessation tools. This may be a more balanced approach.

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