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FDA Issue Warning Letters to 5 Online Vape Retailers

FDA Issue Warning Letters to 5 Online Vape Retailers

The FDA issued warning letters to five online vape retailers for selling unauthorized vape products. These letters pointed out that the vape products sold were advertised by well-known vape brands. Including ELFBAR/EB Design/EB Create, Funky Republic, Lost Mary, Hyde, Breeze and Cali Bars.

The FDA continues to issue warning letters based on the agency’s ongoing monitoring of multiple surveillance systems.

It aims to identify products that data show are popular or attractive to teens. Vapes have become the most commonly used tobacco product among middle and junior high school students for 10 years. (Source: 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey)

Of the more than 2.1 million teens who reported using vapes, more than half reported using ELF BAR products. Besides, the agency also review the retail sales data and retail data targeting teens. The data show other vape brands are also popular or having products with teen appeal.

“Protecting our nation’s youth from the harms of tobacco products is crucial to our center’s public health mission.” said Dr. Brian King, director of the Center for Tobacco Products. “We’re committed to continuing to use a data-driven approach to identify and prevent the sale of unauthorized tobacco products. And to take compliance and enforcement action, when appropriate.”

Retailers who received these warning letters were violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

They sell or distribute vape products in the United States that are not authorized by the FDA. Recipients of warning letters have 15 business days to respond. They will need to explan the steps they will take to correct the violation and prevent future violations. If they failure to promptly correct violations may result in additional FDA action. Such as injunctions, seizures, and/or civil monetary penalties (CMPs).

These warning letters are the latest in the FDA’s ongoing efforts to address the marketing and sale of unauthorized vapes that attract youth. Earlier this month, FDA also issued 14 warning letters to online vape retailers. They are also selling unauthorized vape sales. As of February 26, the FDA has issued warning letters to more than 440 vape retailers. Besides, they have taken 100 CMP actions for the sale of unauthorized vapes.

Warm reaminding from China vape manufacturer

As a leading vape manufacturing factory in China, VPFIT has some warm reminds. First, the vape company, distributor, wholesaler and retailer should follow the regulations. Besides, do not sell any tobacco and vape devices to the youth. Also, vape brands should follow the marking rules. Let’s work together, stop speading vapes to the young people.

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