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Disposable Vapes Account for 30% of the Market, Down 10% From the Previous Year
Disposable Vapes Account for 30% of the Market, Down 10% From 2022
September 15, 2023
China Vape Supply Chain Being Challenged By Indonesia Vape
China Vape Supply Chain Being Challenged By Indonesia Vape
September 18, 2023

Top 10 Outstanding Vape Brands and Manufacturers(2024 Update)

Top 10 Outstanding Vape Brands and Manufacturers in 2023

Top 10 Outstanding Vape Brands and Manufacturers in 2023

Vaping has grown exponentially over the past decade, morphing from a niche hobby to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. With this surge in popularity comes an explosion of innovative vape brands and manufacturers, each vying for a slice of the burgeoning market. Whether you’re a vaping newbie or a seasoned pro, knowing the top players in the industry can help guide your hardware choices and enrich your vaping journey.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the leading vape brands and vape manufacturers in 2024, based on their track record of producing high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly vape products.

Quick View to the list of top 10 vape brands and manufacturers in 2024:

  • 1. VPFIT: The Key Player, Top Vape Manufacturer in vaping industry;
  • 2. Innokin: The Starter Kit Specialists;
  • 3. SMOK: The Design Maestros;
  • 4. Voopoo: The Tech Titans;
  • 5. Uwell: The Durable Device Developers;
  • 6. Geekvape: The Durability Dynamos;
  • 7. Elf Bar: The Disposable Vape Dominators;
  • 8. Vaporesso: The Quality Connoisseurs;
  • 9. Freemax: The Cloud Chasers;
  • 10. Wotofo: The Rebuildable Enthusiasts
VPFIT: The Key Player, Top Vape Manufacturer in vaping industry

VPFIT: The Key Player, Top Vape Manufacturer in vaping industry

1. VPFIT: The Key Player, Top Vape Manufacturer in vaping industry

VPFIT, top vape manufacturer established in 2010 in China, is a household name in the vaping industry. This vape company is one of the earliest gaint vape manufacturer in vaping industry. Known for their diverse product range, VPFIT offers both traditional sub-ohm vape kits and versatile pod kits. Their VPFIT Insbar-II, Postbar Max(sub-ohm vape), Arobar and Flexbar series, in particular, are very porpular vapes in 2024.

Key Features

VPFIT products are celebrated for their power, portability, and versatility. Their coil designs are also noteworthy, particularly for their focus on increased vapor production. This dedication to innovation and quality has earned VPFIT numerous industry accolades.

View VPFIT's vapes

Strong manufacturing ability, top vape manufacturerNo tank vape series
Various puff capacity, flavor choice and nicotine choiceOccasional leaking on old vapes
 Various vape types for both starters and senior vape user 

Innokin: The Starter Kit Specialists

Innokin: The Starter Kit Specialists

2. Innokin: The Starter Kit Specialists

First on our list is Innokin, a vape manufacturer from China renowned for its dedication to creating easy-to-use and reliable vape starter kits. Since its inception in 2011, Innokin has been committed to providing vapers with devices that guarantee a smooth transition away from traditional cigarettes.

Key Features

Innokin’s devices are not only user-friendly but also offer a wide array of coil options to cater to different vaping preferences. However, the brand truly shines in its production of starter kits. Their Endura T22 Pro, for example, is one of the most sought-after kits for beginners in the vaping community.

In 2022, Innokin’s Klypse Pod Kit secured several awards, including the Best Pod Kit in the VapingPost and VapExpo. If you’re thinking of making the switch from smoking to vaping, Innokin is an excellent place to start.

Simple and convenient to useA little simplistic for enthusiasts
Various coils for chooseNot sub-ohm choice
starter kits 

SMOK: The Design Maestros

SMOK: The Design Maestros

3. SMOK: The Design Maestros

Founded in 2010, SMOK has become one of the best vape brands in vaping industry. They are professional in both traditional sub-ohm vapes and various new style pod system. The brand’s Nautilus coil series, compatible with many other tanks, is celebrated for its versatility and flavorful hits.

Key Features

Over the past few years, SMOK have earned many popularity and brand awareness. It is the Best Pod at the 2021 Vapouround Awards and Best Pod Mod in the 2020 Egypt Electric Cigarette Show.

Provide powerful but portable sub-ohm pod kitsThere is no much beginner vape kits choice
Double battery box vape mod designsCoil confused sometimes
Create Nord vape series and win large popularity 

Voopoo: The Tech Titans

Voopoo: The Tech Titans

4. Voopoo: The Tech Titans

Voopoo, founded in 2016, is a relative newcomer in the vape industry. However, their partnership with the GENE Corporation, a sophisticated electronic chipset manufacturer, has propelled them to the forefront of the vaping world.

Key Features

Voopoo’s devices are known for their sleek and ergonomic builds. Their DRAG S Pod Kit, for instance, is revered for its sub-ohm capabilities. In 2022, Voopoo made a significant mark in the Vapouround Awards, winning in three categories, including Best Manufacturer.

Slim and ergonomic structure designPrefer to give their vapes with wide mouthpieces
Pod vape/ tank multiple choiceMTL kits advice a second thought
Several very small and discreet pod kits 

Uwell: The Durable Device Developers

Uwell: The Durable Device Developers

5. Uwell: The Durable Device Developers

Uwell, established in 2015, initially gained recognition for its Crown tank. Over the years, Uwell has expanded its product line to include pod vape pens, which are particularly popular among CBD vapers due to their discreet designs and portability.

Key Features

Uwell devices stand out for their great selection of both MTL pods and sub-ohm tanks. Their Valyrian III Tank, for instance, won runner-up for Best Tank in the 2022 Vapouround Awards.

MTL pods and sub-ohm tanks both popularPod vapes hard to refill
Stylish appearance and structurePod kits and sub-ohm vapes lack innovative design
Disposable pods and changeable coils 

Geekvape: The Durability Dynamos

Geekvape: The Durability Dynamos

6. Geekvape: The Durability Dynamos

Geekvape, founded in 2015, is renowned for its robust and durable vape devices. Their Aegis series, in particular, is celebrated for its incredible resilience, making it a favorite among vapers who value longevity and reliability in their vaping gear.

Key Features

Geekvape’s devices are designed with heavy ingress protections, making them particularly resilient to drops and harsh weather conditions. Their Aegis line and Zeus tanks consistently feature in “Best of” lists due to their performance and build quality.

Strong enough to withstand some knocks and scrapesPod kit vapes not sturdy
Stylish appearance designSometimes have spitback issues
Fast ignition speeds 

ElfBar: The Disposable Vape Dominators

ElfBar: The Disposable Vape Dominators

7. Elf Bar: The Disposable Vape Dominators

Elf Bar, a young entrant in the vaping industry, has made a significant impact with its disposable vape pens. Their devices, which come pre-filled with e-liquid, offer an incredibly convenient and uncomplicated vaping experience, making them particularly popular among beginners.

Key Features

Elf Bar disposable vapes offer unmatched flavor and are available in a wide array of designs. In 2022, Elf Bar walked away with four awards at the Malaysian MIVAS Awards, highlighting its growing influence in the vaping industry.

Suitable for beginners trying to quit smokingRefillable vapes are not that good
Excellent vaping experienceMay be hard to find reliable battery recycling service
Easy and convenient vaping device 

Vaporesso: The Quality Connoisseurs

Vaporesso: The Quality Connoisseurs

8. Vaporesso: The Quality Connoisseurs

Vaporesso, established in 2015, is committed to improving the everyday experiences of vapers through its range of accessible vape devices. Their Luxe, Zero, and Gen series offer a diverse selection of devices that cater to different vaping preferences.

Key Features

Vaporesso devices are celebrated for their quality and performance. Their LUXE XPod Vape, for instance, is a popular choice among vapers. The brand’s commitment to quality control ensures a high standard of product reliability.

Excellent coil designMaybe no starter kits
Combine pod vapes and sub-ohm vapes perfectlyMTL vapes does not have tapered mouthpieces
Brilliant alternative airflow design 

Freemax: The Cloud Chasers

Freemax: The Cloud Chasers

9. Freemax: The Cloud Chasers

With a focus on cloud production, Freemax stands out for its innovative coil designs and impressive sub-ohm tanks. Their Fireluke Mesh tank, the first mesh coil sub-ohm tank in the world, revolutionized the vaping industry and set the standard for future mesh coil tanks.

Key Features

Freemax’s coil designs prioritize a balance between flavor and cloud production, making them a favorite among cloud chasers. Their Fireluke 3 tank and Marvos X Kit are particularly lauded for their performance and build quality.

Creative coil designComplete unsuitable for recent smokers
Fantistic sub-ohm vape tanksDoes not have MTL vapes and tanks
Perfect balance the flavor and cloud production 

Wotofo: The Rebuildable Enthusiasts

Wotofo: The Rebuildable Enthusiasts

10. Wotofo: The Rebuildable Enthusiasts

Wotofo is one of the leading player in the vaping industry, known for its commitment to producing high-quality rebuildable tanks. Their Serpent SMM RTA and Profile series of RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs are particularly popular among experienced vapers who enjoy customizing their vaping experience.

Key Features

Wotofo’s devices are celebrating for their focus on flavor intensity, making them a top choice for vapers who prioritize taste. Their rebuildable tanks offer a wide array of customization options, allowing vapers to fine-tune their vaping experience.

Focus on rebuildable decksNot suitable for recent smokers
Classical designNo streamline/convenient designs
Fantistic and powerful vape mods 

Some Q&A you may interesting

Who is the best vape brand?

Actually, it is hard to say which of the above 10 is the best brand. Each of them has their own company strength, R&D ability and product features. Choosing the “best” there is sometimes a personal preference.  If you are looking for best option, the above companies are all worth to cooperate with. They have been in the vape industry for many years. You can trust them.

What is the leading vape company?

Actually, there are many leading vape manufacturers and companies. They have their own strength and focusing direction. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish who is the best one.

VPFIT, is one of the earliest vape manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. This vape manufacturer can be put into the leading vape companies list.

Moreover, the above listing vape manufacturers and brands are also worth to choose.

What is the most sold vape in the US?

JUUL, the largest nicotine vape brand in US, is the best selling vape in US. Juul accounts the largest market share in US.

Also, there are many top vape brands, like VPFIT, SMOK, Voopoo, Uwell, also sell very well in US market. The best is to choose the vape device bestly suits your vaping habit.

What vape brand is best suitable for you?

Actually, there is no standard answer for this question. Because different people have different vaping preferance. It is better to choose the vape brand and vape devices according to your demand.

Some vape brands, like VPFIT, have a various types of vaping products with different nicotine capacity, vape flavors, etc.

To help the vape users choose the best vapes easily, VPFIT have creat a sheet bellow with the best vape brands and manufacturers.

Best Types of Vape DevicesBest vape brand
Best disposable vapesVPFIT, ELFBAR, Uwell
Best pod vapesInnokin, VPFIT, SMOK
Best vape modsSMOK, Wotofo
Best sub-ohm vapesVoopoo, Uwell, Vaporesso
Best vape pensELFBAR, VPFIT, Geekvape

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right vape brand is crucial to ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. Each of these top vape brands brings something unique to the table, whether it’s superior build quality, innovative designs, or groundbreaking technology.

When selecting a brand, consider your personal preferences and vaping style. Do you prefer a simple, easy-to-use device or something more customizable? Are you a cloud chaser or a flavor enthusiast? Knowing your preferences will help you choose a brand that aligns with your vaping needs.

Remember, the ideal vape brand is one that provides a quality vaping experience while also aligning with your personal preferences and vaping style.

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