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Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List China Vape Factory

Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List -- JieShibo VPFIT Factory Photo

Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List -- JieShibo VPFIT Factory Photo

The followings are the top 50 China Vape Supplier for 2023. The list researches and summarizes according to the factory size, marketing share, production capacity, etc. This list will help you save your valuable time for searching China vape factory.

Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List – JieShibo VPFIT Factory Photo

Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List — JieShibo VPFIT Factory Photo

First, the leading top 10 China vape supplier lists are the following.


JIESHIBO, also known as JSB Group, is a top and outstanding China vape supplier. It is one of the earliest China wholesale vape factory. VPFIT is their main product brand. It has already developed and produced high-classed vape products for 13 years with abundant experience. By now, it has developed over 50 styles of vapes for different markets. In addition, its engineering and R&D team has at least 7 years working experience in vaping industry. Moreover, it has 50+ countries and regions clients all over the world. It also provides OEM and ODM service.


ICCPP is a famous vape wholesale supplier from China, established in 2014. Now it exports to 70+ countries, with a 500+ R&D team, totally 6000+ enterprise staff. Moreover, it has 6 main production sites and 120000㎡ production workshop, 100000 dust-free workshop. Sub-brands: VOOPOO, ZOVOO.

3. ALD

ALD’s modern production center covers 40,000 square meters and employs more than 2,500 skilled workers. It is another top vape factory in China. Their wholesale vape production capacity reaches 30,000,000 pieces per month. Therefore, it can support a stable supply to hundreds of customers around the world.

4. Smoore(VAPORESSO)

SMOORE holds several skub-brands include VAPORESSO, FEELM, Renova, Ccell. The company has advanced R&D technology, strong production capacity. What’s more, this vape supplier in China has broad product portfolio, diverse customer base, 3 basic research centers and several core patents. Its production area is over 16429 square meters.


IJOY has expanded its reach to about 30 countries in 5 continents. Including the USA, Russia, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Canada, South Africa. IJOY offers the highest quality electronic cigarette products and a one-stop solution for all its customers.


JWEI is a Chinese vape factory which was founded in 2008. It aims for developing vaporization technology and manufacturing vapes. JWEI has more than 3000 employees, 2200 patents and 80 sales countries and regions around the world. In addition, it has three factories for its own brands Joyetech, Eleaf and Wismec. Its maximum capacity is 4 million batteries and 55 million pods per month.

7. First Union

This China vape supplier was founded in 2004. It has over 500,000 square meters of factory space and more than 5,000 employees. It can produce more than 80 million electronic cigarettes per month. What’s more, its sub-brands including Vaptio, Kanger.


Kimree, founded in 2006, is the leading DOM/OEM China vape manufacturer. It achieves over 2700 patents. Moreover, it has already passed 10 famous certificates. KIMREE plant covers an area of 40000 square meters, 120 assembly lines, 1020 workers (maximum 2500). Its maximum monthly production capacity is about 25 million PCS.


Innokin Technology was founded in 2016 and is one of the world’s leading Chinese vape wholesale supplier. Innokin vapes has market their vapes in over 80 countries worldwide. The company’s most valuable resource is its workforce. Innokin employs people around the world who gain valuable knowledge and experience to develop the next great vaping devices.


Also known as IBUDDY. It is a CBD oil vape pen & dry herb vaporizer supplier. Founded in 2008, the company is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of vaping products. It has a facility of 60,000 square meters and over 100 R&D engineers, 300 production and quality control professionals, and over 1,000 production workers.

Secondly, we will list the 11-20 top China vape supplier.

11. Smok

Shenzhen IVPS Technology, founded in 2010 CO. The SMOK® brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Limited is an international vape brand. Its production base is mainly for its own brand Smok.


This is a China vape wholesale factory founded in 2012. DOVPO specializes in the development, production, marketing and service of vape products. Since its establishment, Dovpo has always been dedicated to the development of various vapes for consumers.

13. Advken

Shenzhen Advken Technology Co LTD was established in 2013. This Chinese wholesale vape pen supplier has R&D, production, OEM&ODM and sales departments. Their market has expend to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. It has some reputation in the field.


SongGang Base 1 covers 30164㎡, 28 lines, 9 million pieces/M; SongGang Base 2 covers 95210㎡, 173 lines, 57 million pieces/M; DongFang Base covers 51080㎡, 87 lines, 33 million pieces /M.


PNDUS was established in 2020 and has a new garden-style China vape wholesale factory. Also, it has a medical workshop with an area of 33,000 square meters and a building area of 43,300 square meters. The factory has 5,000 employees and an annual production value of about 40.6 billion RMB.

16. Mlife

Launched in 2014, Mlife is a brand of Shenzhen Mlife Technology Co, Ltd. All products include 11 patented models and comply with the general international regulations, including CE, ROHS, GS, PSE, ISO etc. The company has owned a 40,000 square meters vape device manufacturing plant.

17. Smok

Shenzhen IVPS Technology, founded in 2010. The SMOK brand is their main wholesale vape brand. Its production base is mainly for its own brand Smok.

18. Aspire

Aspire is a China vape supplier innovating in the industry since 2013. It has 6 research institutes and 200+ high-tech researchers, 2326+ patents. Its main product including “AVP” series, Aspire Breeze series and “Cleito” series.

19. Yihi electronics

Sub-brands SXmini, Vsticking. YIHI headquarters has a total area of 12,000 square meters, and the total area of the modern factory is more than 25,000 square meters. High-quality medical grade clean room, R&D departments and extensive high-tech production lines. Founded in 2014. produces e-cigarette for Bugatti.

20. Itsuwa

Founded in 2007, focuses on manufacturing and technological development of vape pens, vape mods and dry herb vape products. It has 15 production lines, more than 30 qualified engineers, 260 qualified employees. Moreover, it is GMP/ISO9001 certified. Vapesoul is their sub-brand.

Thirdly, here comes the 21-30 top Chinese vape supplier.

21. Greensound

Also known as GS. It is a China vape factory founded in 2009. GS has two laboratories cooperating with domestic universities. In addition, it has over 200 patent applications, including 6 for inventions, 180 for utility models and 70 for appearances.

22. Cloupor

Founded in 2013 and based in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Keleipeng Technology Co. Ltd. This China vape supplier has two e-cigarette brands, “Cloupor” and its sub-brand “smoant”. Its production line, R&D team and sales team have been running stably for 8 years. It has 10000 + product design scheme, 100 + professional engineers.

23. Heaven Gifts

Elf Bar is produced by this China vape wholesale supplier Heaven Gifts. Founded in 2007, it has become the biggest, best and most trusted distributor of vape pens with years of growth and expansion. Now they have two big offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

24. Uwell

UWELL (Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd.), founded in 2015. Its products have been sold to 23 countries, with sales of over 100 million RMB. Also, it cooperates with over 20,000 distributors. The annual turnover exceeds 1 billion RMB.


GD SIGELEI Electronic Tech Co. Ltd was established in 2011. It owns several sub-brands including FUCHAI, KAOS, COMPAK, VCIGO. More than 90 core patents. OEM&ODM for disposables and mods.

26. Mi-Pod

The Mi-One, was released in 2014. It was not until 2016, with the unveiling of the flagship Mi-Pod, that Mi-One Brands really began to take the lead.

27. Tesla

TESLACIGS has built more than 1,000 square meters of R&D labs and production workshops. This is also an ISO-9001 certificated China vape factory. Its products include pod system, kits, atomizers, wye, invader, punk, kingzone. In addition, it also offer OEM and ODM service.

28. Yuoto

Yuoto vape is manufactured by Shenzhen Komjie Electronic & Technology Co, Ltd. This China vape supplier used to make box mods and accessories. It owns 200 employees, 3000 square meters production area and GMP certification. It goes from obscure to famous since 2020 for its Yuoto Plus.

29. HQD

HQD is the brand of Shenzhen HanQingDa Technology Co. Ltd, founded in 2014. It has 5000 employees. Also, the products of this China vape factory has CE fCC, ROHS and MSDS certificates.


VOZOL of Shenzhen Zhiyuan Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is launched in 2018. It has their first production center in Dongguan, monthly production capacity of over 2 million pieces in 2020. Now monthly production capacity of over 10 million pieces with 2 production centers.

Fourthly, the 31-40 top China vape supplier are the followings.

31. Hotcig

Shenzhen Hot Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2013. This China vape supplier focus on research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of vape products. It owns an area of more than 2000 square meters modern factory.

32. VAAL

VAAL is characterized by its good disposable taste. Since its establishment in 2020, VAAL by Myvapor is committed to becoming a major player in the global market in this sector.

33. Vaporlax

Vaporlax is one of the most famous China vape factory, which was established in 2010 and provides OEM or ODM services.

34. Fummy

Fummy is a brand of Shenzhen Fumai Technology Co., Ltd. It is established in 2012. It is a China vape manufacturer of fume vape, VPO, Boulder, Vapeman, etc., and 20000 square meters production areas. It can provides OEM and ODM service.

35. Posh

Posh bar is made by Houshan Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Founded in 2020.

36. Zencig

Shenzhen ZenCig Technology Co., Ltd is a China vape manufacturer of dry herb vaporizers, CBD vape pens and disposable vape pens, etc.

37. Hangsen (vape juice)

Hangsen established in 2009, Hangsen owns 1300+ staff, export to 85+ countries, 300+ patents and tech copyrights registered. It has sold 500 million bottles of e-liquids worldwide.

38. Dekang (vape juice)

Dekang is a vape juice wholesale supplier established in 2003. Dekang e-liquid OEM service offers flavour matching facility where they can replicate any flavour. It promises to deliver reliable, high-quality products in a week. In addition, its sister company Bogecig makes disposables and pod kits.

39. Magical Flavour (vape flavor concentrate)

Established in 2009, Magical Flavour is an integrated flavor brand. Its customers mainly in Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, UK and America. This China vape factory has around 1500㎡ (16145.9 sq.ft) production workshop.


Founded in 2014. This China vape supplier owns the brand Orion Bar. It is the first Pod Mod in industry and sold 10 million units globally.

Fifthly, the 41-50 top China vape suppliers and factories lists are the following.

41. VEEX

Veex is a China vape factory with 23000 square meter production base, and 30 million yuan R&D investment/year, 30 professional R&D expert, 41 technology patent. Its subbrands including VEEXTECH, TAKI, WUUZ, XIYO.

42. Hangboo Biotech (vape juice)

Huizhou Hangboo Biotech Co., Ltd. is a vape juice manufacturer established in 2010. Their products including mechanical mod, 510, EGO disposal kits, atomizers and collection of accessories.

43. Ugreen (vape juice)

UGreen is a China vape juice wholesale supplier established in 2015. It has 2500 square meters dust-unfastened workshop to supply eliquids, ans a 1500 square meters R&D branch labs. There are over one hundred professional workers in this factory. What’s more, it has a regular manufacturing potential of three hundred eliquids per month.

44. Hangboo Biotech (vape juice)

Huizhou Hangboo Biotech Co., Ltd. is established in 2010 and makes e-liquids & vapes. Their catalog contains various kinds of e-cigarettes like mechanical mod, 510, EGO disposal kits, atomizers and series of accessories.

45. Feelife (vape juice)

Feellife provide one-stop solution service for global nebulizer and nebulizer liquid. It is a comprehensive high-tech wholesale vape juice supplier with 30,000 square meters workshop. It also provides OEM service.

46. VapeEZ

VapeEZ has 40 R&D engineer, 60 QC staff, and more than 500 production staff on 16 product lines. Its production and inspection/test equipment ensures annual output of 36,000,000 sets.

47. Ousida

Shenzhen Ousida Technology Co., Ltd.. is located in Shenzhen and Nanning. The company (affiliated company) entered the vape industry in 2010.

48. Maskking

Maskking is an China wholesale vape supplier specialized in vape pod in Shenzhen, China.

49. OUOK

OUOK is established in 2015, as a self-brand owned by Easyway. This China vape factory can provide OEM and ODM service for disposbales, pod, CBD vapes. And, it has 200k/month max production capacity.

50. Wotofo

Wotofo is a China vape supplier founded in 2012. Wotofo has established its leading position in rebuildable devices, producing some of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, Kits and accessories.

Finally, a conclusion about these China vape suppliers and factories.

These are the main vape suppliers and factories in China. As the time goes, we will continuously review and update this list. Moreover, we’ll keep updating the new list. We welcome you to stay tuned for the updates to keep informed of the newest trend in vape industry.

Last but not the least, China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers Choose Ultimate Guide 2023 provides you a ultimate guidance about how to distinguish and cooperate with these vape manufacturers and suppliers. 

Newest update at July 7, 2023.