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An Insight into the Best OEM Vape Manufacturers

the Best OEM Vape Manufacturers

the Best OEM Vape Manufacturers

The vaping industry is a rapidly emerging market, with numerous players vying for the top spot. As a brand looking to make its mark, choosing the right Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can be a game-changer. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of the best OEM vape manufacturers.

Table of content:

  1. Understanding OEM in the Vaping Industry;
  2. The Role of OEM Vape Manufacturers;
  3. Choosing Your OEM Vape Manufacturer;
  4. Top 8 OEM Vape Manufacturers;
  5. Navigating the E-cigarettes OEM Manufacturing Business;
  6. Conclusion


1. Understanding OEM in the Vaping Industry

OEM, short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, involves a company that produces goods to be sold under another company’s brand name. In the vaping industry, OEM vape manufacturers are responsible for creating e-cigarettes based on another company’s design and specifications.

The vaping market is teeming with OEMs, especially within China’s manufacturing sector. These OEMs are pivotal to the production of vape products, setting themselves apart through their unique manufacturing characteristics. To navigate this landscape, it’s important to understand the intricacies of the term “vape OEM”.


2. The Role of OEM Vape Manufacturers

An OEM vape manufacturer is responsible for mass production and quality control. They follow your design specifications to the letter, allowing you to have significant influence over the final product’s appearance and the raw materials used.

Being an OEM means you’re free from the hassles of product design, branding, and packaging, which can save substantial time and money. Instead, the purchasing company handles these aspects.


3. Choosing Your OEM Vape Manufacturer

The choice of vape manufacturer has a significant impact on the final quality of your vape products. The right OEM can enhance your brand’s reputation, ensure product quality, and ultimately boost your bottom line. Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Quality Control and Longevity: Look for a vape factory that has been in business for a significant period, focusing on their manufacturing history rather than business operations. Such factories are more likely to maintain quality standards, having built their reputation around it.

  2. Factory Size: The size of the factory can indicate its capacity to meet your production requirements.

  3. Technical Knowledge: Choose a manufacturer with a sound understanding of e-cigarette production and technology.

  4. High Production Efficiency: A manufacturer with high production efficiency can shorten your product’s production cycle, allowing for quicker market entry and increased sales.

  5. Product Samples: Always request product samples from the manufacturer before making a decision.

  6. Certifications: Ensure your chosen manufacturer complies with national standards, as this can directly impact the quality of your products.


4. Top 8 OEM Vape Manufacturers

In the ever-evolving vaping industry, these are the top 8 OEM vape manufacturers who have made their mark:

4.1. VPFIT

VPFIT is one of the best China OEM vape manufacturer since 2010. They are the earliest vape manufacturers and leader in vape manufacturing field. VPFIT provide you best one-stop OEM/ODM vape production service with perfect quality.

Moreover, VPFIT focus on innovation and research since its foundation. Their R&D teams are all experienced engineers in the vaping field, with averagely 8+ years of working experience in vape industry.

In addition, VPFIT has two of their own vape factory, which make sure they have large and strong production ability. Their product selection includes everything from basic disposable vapes to moderately sophisticated pod kits.

By now, this 13+ years vape manufacturer has launched over 50+ styles vape products. Their products are famous over 70+ countries worldwide. As a large OEM vape manufacturer, VPFIT is truly trustworthy to cooperate with.

Comparing with other OEM vape manufacturers, VPFIT has the advantages of the followings at least:

  • Their product comes from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 100,000 level dust free clean workshop;
  • Offers OEM and ODM vape manufacturing services;
  • Low-cost and highest-quality products providing to the customer;
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates qualified manufacturer;
  • With various equipment and machines to ensure quality and quantity;
  • Keep on invests in their R&D team to keep up with the newest vaping market trends;
  • Over 13+ years of vape manufacturing experience, professional and trustable;
  • All vape products are safe and reliable;

View VPFIT's vapes

4.2. ALD

ALD Group Limited, based in Shenzhen, China, is a high-tech company specializing in electronic atomization technology. With a focus on innovation and research, ALD has established a successful international business line. They are in strategic partnerships with numerous globally recognized brands, making them a top pick for OEM vape manufacturing.

4.3. VAPE #CAK

VAPE #CAK, a premium brand owned by Konsmo Innovation Technology, offers a wide range of products from disposable vapes to sophisticated pod kits. They have a dedicated production line for TPD vaping products, making them a reliable choice for brands targeting the UK and EU markets.

4.4. OVNS

OVNS aims to design, produce, and market a variety of trendy vaping products, including pod systems and disposable vapes with capacities ranging from 200 to 6000 puffs. Their expertise in creating CBD vaporizers sets them apart from competitors.

4.5. Aplus

Aplus Vape specializes in the design, prototyping, and mass production of TPD-compliant products, disposable vape kits, and closed-system pod kits. They design stylish vapes based on customer specifications and budget, making them a top choice for clients seeking to print logos on finished products.

4.6. Mlife

Shenzhen Mlife Technology Company Limited is one of China’s first manufacturers of electronic vaporizers and vaping products. Their range of disposable vapes is ready for logo printing and comes in various sizes and puff counts.

4.7. Vapesmaker

Vapesmaker specializes in producing disposable vapes in varying sizes and styles to cater to all types of customers. They have also established two proprietary brands, Quizz and Vapmod, for regular and THC & CBD devices respectively.


Guandong MYSHINE Technology Company Limited is a leading e-cigarette ODM/OEM manufacturer and service provider worldwide. They offer a range of disposables, ensuring their products are of the highest quality and performance.

Navigating the E-cigarettes OEM Manufacturing Business

The e-cigarettes market is expanding rapidly, with ample opportunities for businesses to carve out a niche. Choosing an OEM vape manufacturer is a strategic move in this direction.

With a reputable OEM, you can market products under your brand without the need for product development. This not only saves time and money but also allows for quicker market entry, increased sales, and reduced market risks.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that the OEM e-cigarette manufacturers’ production qualification meets the national standard. Failing to do so can compromise the quality of the final products and increase the likelihood of e-cigarette accidents.



The world of OEM vape manufacturing can seem complex, but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can navigate it effectively. Choosing the right vape manufacturer can be the difference between success and failure in the competitive vaping industry. By considering the factors outlined in this guide and partnering with a manufacturer like VPFIT, you can ensure your brand’s success in the thriving vaping market.

Remember, your choice of OEM vape manufacturer can make or break your brand. So, choose wisely and let your brand be known for its high-quality vape products.

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