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Compliant E-cigarette Product Demand in Russia is Increasing
November 22, 2023
Biggest Vape Manufacturers in Shenzhen China
An In-Depth Look at the Biggest Vape Manufacturers
November 23, 2023

Vape Manufacturer Near Me (Trustworthy List)

Vape Manufacturers Near Me

Vape Manufacturers Near Me

For most vape retailers and distributors, you will need a reliable vape manufacturer to provide you high quality vaping devices. Sometimes you may need a vape manufacturer near you, or find manufacturer from China. This guidance will give you a trustworthy list to show you the list of vape manufacturers from main regions.

Vape manufacturer in China

Most of the vape manufacturing factories are in China, especially Shenzhen. 

If it is hard to find local manufacturer to help you produce your vaporizing devices, Chinese manufacturers is your first choice. They have the most complete supply chain system and production capacity. Thus, under the same quality level, their unit vape price is always the lowest.

Here, we will list the leading manufacturers at Shenzhen, China.

  1. VPFIT – Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd. (leading and top e-cigarette manufacturer)
  2. First Union – Shenzhen First Union Technology Co. Ltd.
  3. ALD – Shenzhen ALD Technology Co., Ltd.
  4. Voopoo
  5. Smoore – Smoore International Holdings Ltd.
  7. Smiss – SMISS Technology Co., Ltd
  8. Innokin – shenzhen innokin technology co. ltd
  9. Joytech – Joyetech (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd.
  10. HQD – Shenzhen HanQingDa Technology Co., Ltd.

The above are all trustworthy vape manufacturers with strong manufacturing ability. They have long researching, designing and producing experience in this industry.

In addition, it is true that there are many other manufacturers and factories in China. To know more about them, Top 50 China Vape Supplier 2023 Newest List China Vape Factory will give your more specific lists.

Special introduce about VPFIT, the leading vape manufacturer, famous brand in vaping industry.

VPFIT - the leading China Vape Manufacturer factory photo

VPFIT – the leading China Vape Manufacturer factory photo

Here, we would like to mention about VPFIT especially. It is a big vape manufacturer in China with 13+ years experience. VPFIT is leading manufacturer, famous brand in the vaping industry. If you are looking to buy quality vapes in large quantity, VPFIT is a good option for you.

VPFIT’s main products include electronic cigarette, OEM vapes, nicotine vapes, nicotine free vapes, vape pen device, disposable vape pen, rechargeable vapes. In addition, they also have a large selection of custom vapes, prefilled vapes, refillable vapes, e cigar vapes and more. This allows the vape retailers and resellers to find the best bulk items for their business.

Moreover, we will list some of this company’s strength to let you know.

  • Owns two vape manufacturing factory, totally over 32000 square meters;
  • 189 production lines, 3800 employee;
  • four 10000 grade cleanliness GMP workshops;
  • 300 automatic production equipments;
  • 52 strict quality detection procedures;
  • 24 product patents;
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS ISO22000 certificated manufacturer;
  • holds 7 trademark rights.

Vape Manufacturer in USA

Actually, there are only a few vape manufacturers you can find in USA. Therefore, we will only list a few trustworthy manufacturers to help you find local manufacturer in US.

  • Star Intelligence Technology Inc. – vape manufacturer in Denver, CO
  • Pop Vapor – Etobicoke, ON
  • AmeriShield dba PremiunEstore LLC – Virginia Beach, VA
  • AltSmoke – New Philadelphia, OH
  • ECBlend – Medford, OR
  • USA Vape Lab – manufacturer in California(vape juice)

It is important to mention that these USA vape manufacturers are relatively smaller than those Chinese vape manufacturers. Therefore, if you need to produce bulk vapes for your brand, it is better to find the Chinese manufacturer. Because they have large production ability and most suitable price.

Malaysia Vape Manufacturer

The vape industry in Malaysia is developing very fast in recent years. However, they are mainly producing e-liquid.

Here we would like to introduce MOTI as the recommend vape manufacturer in Malaysia.

Vape Manufacturer in Philippines

To be honest, the vaping devices manufacturing industry in Philippines are just the same as in Malaysia. There is no truly vape manufacturing factory in Philippine. Most of the vape industry practitioners in Philippine are distributors or retailers.

Vape Manufacturer Australia

Liber Pharmaceuticals is the only Australia local vape manufacturer. In addition, they are the only Nicotine Vaping Product (NVP) manufacturer who has acquired Australian-issued product liability insurance.

Others like Easy Vape Distribution, Vape Distribution Australia, Mixology Vape are all vape distributors in Australia. They do not have their own manufacturing factory.



The above are the mainly manufacturing factories in vaping industry. Some want to find vape manufacturer nearly, these information will be helpful to you.

In addition, with time going on, there might be more manufacturers and factories appears near you. Thus we will keep collecting these information and continue to add into this article.


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