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BAT CEO Supports UK Vape Tax Plan
BAT CEO Supports UK Vape Tax Plan
March 7, 2024
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Disposable Vape Ban Does Not Stop VPZ From Expanding
March 11, 2024

Nielsen Report Shows Vape Sales In US Fell By 13.9%

Nielsen Report Shows Vape Sales In US Fell By 13.9 percent

Data released by the Nielsen Convenience Store Report shows that overall vape sales in the US fell by 13.9%.

Market Share of The Main Vape Brands in US.

Among them, the market share of Vuse, the best-selling vape brand gradually increased from 42% to 42.2%. It is a brand of British American Tobacco subsidiary R.J. Reynolds.

But, the market share of second-ranked JUUL remained unchanged at 24.2%.

Besides, the NJoy, acquired by Altria, its market share has reached at 3.2%.

And, the market share of blu eCigs of Imperial Tobacco subsidiary Fontem Ventures has dropped from 1.2% to 1.1%.

RJ Reynolds’ best-selling Vuse vape continues to gain market share. While Altria Group Inc. is trying to gain traction with its acquisition of NJoy.

In 2019, JUUL’s share of the U.S. vape market was as high as 74.6%. However, a series of regulatory actions led to a reduction in vapes and a decline in consumer demand.

British American Tobacco and Altria are urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strictly enforce illegal synthetic nicotine vapes in the U.S. vape market. The two companies separately estimate that these synthetic tobacco products account for half of the entire U.S. vape market.

Nielsen’s report mainly covers large chains. For smaller chains, the team will extrapolates their market trends. That’s why changes don’t appear in reports immediately.

Influencing the Chinese Vape Manufacturing Industry

US is the largest vape market. The vape products from China also takes a large market share. The 13.9% decline in vape sales in the US can have an impact on the Chinese vape manufacturing industry. China is a major producer of vaping devices and supplies for the global market. A decrease in US vape sales may lead to a reduction in orders from US distributors and retailers. Thus will affect the demand for Chinese-manufactured vape products. This could result in lower production volumes from these Chinese factories. And, this may potentially impact the revenue and profitability of Chinese vape manufacturers.

So, the vape manufacturers and vape companies may need to explore more other market. Or, they can adapt the vaping product offerings to the US market. By these ways, they can mitigate the influence of the decline in US vape sales.

(Source: Shadow of illicit e-cigarette sales continues to grow over sector)

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