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February 21, 2024
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Top 10 Vaping Capitals in UK, Greater Manchester Occupies 4

Top 10 Vaping Capitals in UK, Greater Manchester Occupies 4

Recently, 4 counties in the Greater Manchester area ranks among the top 10 UK’s “Vape Capital”. Bolton, Manchester, Salford and Stockport has the highest number of certified vape retailers.

The phenomenon of underage vaping is most serious in the northwest of England.

Previously, the UK government announced plans to ban the sale of disposable vapes in England, Scotland and Wales. It is a response to the rise in vaping among young people.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will impose a ban, which may get ready to implement in 2025.

Current laws lack strict limits on the amount of nicotine and e-liquid in disposable vapes can contain.

According to the National Health Service (NHS), vaping among teenagers is most common in the northwest England. And 7% of teenagers in the area regularly use vapes.

vape retail store in UK

vape retail store in UK

Four Greater Manchester cities are ranking among the the top 10 UK’s “Vape Capital”.

Go Smoke Free reveals the top ten “vaping capitals” in UK. The ranking method is basing on the number of vape retailers per capita in each region.

Go Smoke Free searched registered businesses selling tobacco products in UK specialist shops on the Companies House website. And then compares the number of these businesses with the population of each town or city.

Blackburn ranks at the top position. There are 27 registered vape retailers serving 119,700 residents.

In second place is Bolton, with 20.26 registered vape shops per 100,000 residents. There are 41 registered vape shops in Bolton, serving 202,369 residents.

Manchester ranks third with 110 vape shops, corresponding to 19.84 per 100,000 residents. Salford ranks fifth with 14 vape shops there, corresponding to 12.03 stores per 100,000 residents. Stockport ranks sixth, with 10.91 retailers per 100,000 residents.

Vape manufacturer VPFIT commont on disposable vape and the UK disposable vape ban.

Disposable vapes are gaining popularity in recent years. It is mainly due to their convenience, portability and low cost. This appeals to a population that would otherwise be unlikely to invest in a sophisticated vaping device. The new disposable vape ban should help deter children from using vapes. And should encourage adults to switch to more sustainable alternatives like refillable vapes.

This research highlights which areas in UK are most likely to be affected by the upcoming disposable vape ban. Greater Manchester is popular with smokers for its fair distribution of retailers. Blackburn, Bolton and Manchester City occupying the top three spots on the list. As the ban takes effect on consumer behavior, retailers will adapt their offerings to the new regulations. The vaping culture in these cities could see significant changes.

News by VPFIT, leading vape company from Shenzhen, China

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