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Poland Plans to Ban the Sale of Disposable E-cigarettes

Poland Plans to Ban the Sale of Disposable E-cigarettes

Poland’s deputy health minister Wojciech Konieczny said a ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes could come soon. It may come out within the next few months, preferably before the summer holidays. He stressed that he supports a complete ban on these products.

The government strengthens its anti-smoking stance

On a radio show, the host asks him when a ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes might be implemented. Konieczny replied:

“I think in the next few months. Preferably before the summer holidays. We have statistics showing that the use of disposable e-cigarettes is increasing during summer holidays. Then sales are huge because they are most popular among young people. And those people who willing buy these choices for whom their price is quite affordable.”

Besides, he notes that these devices attract people through color, smell and taste. “They look cool, they look attractive, but they are actually an addictive device. And a very bad and dangerous addiction, especially among young people,” he stressed.

“As far as disposable e-cigarettes are concerned, it seems to me that only a strict ban is likely to succeed. Otherwise manufacturers will look for loopholes and flaws in the regulations. Then the regulations will not work. I support a complete ban on these disposable e-cigarettes.”

“Of course, when we start working on the law, it won’t just be a provision banning the sale of disposable e-cigarettes. We will also be discussing other anti-smoking issues.” he declared.

Disposable E-cigarette ban in Poland coming soon

Previously, Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna said that the government had begun work on the control of disposable e-cigarettes.

“I want to ban the sale of these e-cigarettes and I’m going to demand it and hope they agree with me.”

​Influence To Chinese vape companies

Vape companies in China should consider expand their product offerings. For example, focus on rechargeable vape devices, refillable systems, and e-liquids.

Also, we need to ensure compliance with local regulations in Poland. And strengthen branding and marketing efforts. What’s more, collaborate with local distributors, and invest in product innovation.

Besides, we should explore the international markets where disposable e-cigarettes are still permitted.

In general, the Chinese vape manufacturers, companies need to adapt to the changing regulations and market demands. Thus can navigate the situation and find new opportunities for growth.

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