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LA Vape Market: FLUM Far Ahead, GEEKBAR Has Promising Future
January 29, 2024
Influence of UK Disposable Vape Ban to Shenzhen Vape Brands
Influence of UK Disposable Vape Ban to Shenzhen Vape Brands
January 31, 2024

UK disposable Vape Ban Insider’s View

UK disposable Vape Ban Insider's View

On January 29, 2024, the British government announced that it would completely ban the sale of disposable vapes. And it will impose restrictions on the flavors of refillable vapes. In this regard, VPFIT communicated with a number of practitioners in the British vape market to understand their views on the ban.

Insiders have different attitudes towards the ban.

Some industry insiders believe that currently there is a large number of illegal market (black market) in the UK that is mainly large puffs vapes. The implementation of the disposable vape ban may flourish the black market again. And it may cause black market prices to rise.

However, some insiders believe that it is only a matter of time before the UK bans disposable vaping. Because disposable vapes are regarding as transitional products. They have limitation of user experience and performance. While open vape and pod vapes are the major trends in the future market.

At the same time, some people in the open and pod vape field are happy with the new ban.

They believe that the ban will bring new opportunities for open type, pod vape and e-liquids. Some in the open device business says that their brand plans to launch new open devices in UK vape market in 2024. And they will expand its product line, and increase e-liquid business.

The details of the ban is not yet disclosed, and the implementation time is unclear now.

Regarding the details of the ban, the British government has not yet disclosed too much information. And the implementation time of the ban has yet to be determined. Besides, the government will also limit the flavors and packaging of vapes that can be sold. Some professionals believe that the government may conduct another round of public consultation.

UKVIA is disappointed with the disposable vape ban.

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) responded about this on social media platforms. They were disappointed with the government’s decision to ban disposable vapes. They believe that preventing young people from accessing vape devices is crucial. But this decision seems more like a desperate measure taken by the government without regard for vape users in order to prepare for the upcoming election.

UKVIA says that if the government thinks banning disposable vapes will help protect young people, they are completely misguided. This counterproductive regulation will fuel the growth of the black market. And it will putting children at greater risk and making it easier for them to get illegal and non-compliant vapes. The answer to youth vaping lies not in counterproductive bans and restrictions. But in effective and aggressive enforcement of the law (which is sorely lacking) that makes it illegal to sell vapes to minors.

Impact to the Chinese vape manufacturers and brands

About the impact of the latest vape ban, we ask Mr. Frankie Zhou, General Manager of VFPIT to comment about this.

He says, the UK disposable vape ban will significant impact Chinese vape manufacturers and brands. Disposable vapes are popular and cost-effective options. Chinese manufacturers may face a decline in demand and potential loss of market share in the UK.

Besides, this ban can impact the revenue and profitability of the vape companies in China. Thus requiring us to adapt the product offerings or focus on other markets.

“Manufacturers may need to invest in developing alternative products. For example, rechargeable vape pens or refillable pod systems. That’s the way to comply with the regulations and cater to the changing market needs in the UK.”

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