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E Cig Factory, Best China Rechargeable Vape Pen
E Cig Factory | Best China Rechargeable Vape Pen | VPFIT Vape
January 18, 2024
Disposable Vape Pens for Sale China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT
Disposable Vape Pens For Sale | Top China Vape Manufacturer
January 22, 2024

Vape Factory Bring You The Best Disposable Vape Device China

Vape Factory Bring You The Best Disposable Vape Device China

There are many vape factories in the market. Shenzhen, China is the largest vaping device manufacturing place. Among various types of vape products, disposable vapes are taking large part in the market. In this article, we will introduce VPFIT, a vape factory who provide the best disposable vape devices.

Brief introduction about VPFIT, the giant vape factory in Shenzhen, China

VPFIT is the vape brand belonging to Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd. The company starts vaping device manufacturing since 2008. It is one of the earliest Chinese vape factory in this field.

In the past, this factory mainly focus on OEM and custom vape manufacturing service. They have served over thousands of customers.

Company strength

The factory has strong R&D strength. By now, they have launched over 60+ different types of vapes. And they still keep launch 2 to 5 new vape series each year. Currently, there are 25+ vapes on sale.

The manufacturing ability is another top ability of this vape factory. Let’s see what they have:

1. The company owns two vape manufacturing factory. Totally over 32000 square meters.
2. There are 189 production lines, 3800 employee at its peak season.
3. It has four 10000 grade cleanliness GMP workshops.
4. Over 300 automatic production equipments in this company.
5. It follows over 52 strict quality detection procedures.
6. 24 product patents holds in hands.
7. It is ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS ISO22000 certificated manufacturer.
8. It holds 7 trademark rights.

VPFIT vape factory product manufacturing photo

VPFIT vape factory product manufacturing photo

What vape products does VPFIT produce?

Currently, VPFIT has the manufacturing ability of many kinds of vapes. The followings are some of them.

  • e-cigarettes
  • nicotine vapes
  • nicotine free vapes
  • disposable vape pen
  • rechargeable vapes
  • prefilled vapes
  • refillable vapes
  • e cigar vapes
  • pod vapes
  • OEM vapes
  • custom vapes
Disposable Pod Vape Factory China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT Disposable Vapes and Pod Vapes

Disposable Pod Vape Factory China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT Disposable Vapes and Pod Vapes

Besides, all these vape products can provide different vape flavors and nicotine strength. For bulk wholesale vape order, the vape factory will give large discount price.

From the above list, you may find some vape products you prefer.

Next, let’s see some of the hot selling disposable vaping products of this vape factory.

Best Disposable Vape Device

VPFIT has various types of disposable vapes on sale. Here we would like to introduce several of their best disposable devices.

VPFIT Arobar – Best Smart Disposable Vape (rechargeable)

arobar screen vape custom vape

The Arobar Smart Disposable Vape by VPFIT(Click to know more about it)

Arobar is a smart disposable vape newest launched by the vape brand VPFIT. It has a digital screen on its body. This smart screen can show you the working status of this device. When inhaling it, the battery capacity and e-liauid lavel will show on the screen. Thus the vape user can know the real time status of its disposable vape at any time.

The Arobar has 22ml prefill e-liquid. Besides, it is equiped with 650 mAh rechargeable battery, and support type-C fast charging. So, it is a really long lasting vape, supports over 13000 puffs vaping time.

Moreover, it presents 8 body color and vape flavors options. There must be one flavor that can satisfy the vape user.

And, the vape factory also support custom nicotine strength choice. They have 0% nicotine strength to 5% nicotine strength available.

VPFIT Verano – Best Small and Cute Disposable Vape Pen

verano disposable vape pod yellow

Verano Small and Cute Disposable Vape Pen(Click to know more about it)

The Verano series is a small disposable vape with really cute looking. It contains 2.0 ml prefilled flavor e-liquid. There is a 460 mAh battery to support it working normally, and it is non-rechargeable. This cute vape device can support about 600 puffs. However, do not get fooled by its small appearance. Its cloud is still big enough.

Besides, this disposable vaping device also provide 8 body color and fruit vape flavor options. For custom and OEM bulk disposable vape order, the company also can accept. And you can get cheaper cost for bulk wholesale purchase.

VPFIT Postbar Max – The Best Sub Ohm Huge Cloud Rechargeable Disposable Vape

Postbar Max Best Sub Ohm Rechargeable Disposable Vape from VPFIT

Postbar Max Best Sub Ohm Rechargeable Disposable Vape from VPFIT(Click photo to view more)

Postbar Max is a must mention disposable vape with huge cloud. With 20 ml prefilled e-liquid, this vape pen can supports for several days of vaping.

Besides, it equiped with a 750 mAh rechargeable battery, supporting a consistent electricity supply. Also, it uses type-C fast charging port, making it really fast and convenient for recharge this vape device. The Postbar Max can support 12000 puffs vaping, really lasts long time. 

Thanks to its double 0.6Ω low resistance mesh coil. You will see what a sub ohm vaping is. This vape pen can generate extremely huge cloud for each puff.

And, the vaping taste is also very perfect. Currently, it supports 5 body appearance and several vape flavor options. Also, the vape factory supports custom and OEM flavor and nicotine strength choice for bulk order.

Write in the end

Different vape user has different vaping habit. Thus it is hard to definate which vape is the best disposable vape device. VPFIT, as giant vape factory, leading vape brand, must provide the best vaping products to the customer. Therefore, we recommend the above 3 of our best and newest disposable vapes to you.

Also, we have many other vapes with disposable feature. If intereted in lerning more about our vape pens, visit our VPFTI vape product page.

Besides, VPFIT is now looking for vape distributor and retailers for cooperation. Welcome to contact us. Let’s work together to explore the vape market!


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