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November 7, 2023
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ITC may launch investigation to Chinese Vape Companies after Nov 13
November 8, 2023

Long Lasting Disposable Vapes Best Choice From VPFIT(2024)

Long Lasting Disposable Vapes Best Choice From VPFIT(2023)

Long Lasting Disposable Vapes Best Choice From VPFIT(2023)

Long lasting disposable vapes are attracting more and more attention nowadays. The questions like “How long does a vape last?” or “which disposable vape last longest?” are being searched day by day. People searching these question are not only want to find a longer last vape device. They also want to get better vaping experience. In this article, the top and leading vape manufacturer, VPFIT would like to share you several long lasting vape choice of 2024.

Factors Influence The Lasting Time of Disposable Vape.

Basically, there are three factors that can influence the lasting time of your disposable vapes.

  1. The battery. This is a determining factor to long lasting vape pens. The battery capacity will determine the lifespan of a disposable vape largely. If we only consider the battery factor, the vapes with larger battery always lasts longer. Thus, if you want long-lasting vape pen, the battery is a factory you must consider.
  2. Capacity of e-liquid. The e-liquid capacity is another important factor to the lifespan of your vape. It is clear that a vape with 20ml e-liquid will puffing longer than a vape with 10ml e-liquid. According to vape brands and types, there are many vaporizing devices in the market with different e-liquid capacity. The larger e-liquid the vape holds, the longer lasting time the vape will get.
  3. Efficiency of the coil. Best long lasting vapes always use high-end coil. A better coil has lower resistance, and can bring you more efficient puffing. It is also helpful for improving the battery and e-liquid efficiency, and longer their lasting time.

The above three factors are influencing the lasting time of disposable vapes together. Therefore, if you are searching for the best long-lasting vape, you should pay attention to these three factors all.


5 Best Choice Long Lasting Disposable Vape of 2024 from VPFIT

In 2023, the vape brand VPFIT has already launched 7 new vapes to the market. Among these vapes, we would like to introduce 5 long lasting vapes disposable to you. These would be the best vapes 2024 disposable options.

VPFIT Postbar

VPFIT Postbar long lasting disposable vape

VPFIT Postbar long lasting disposable vape

The VPFIT Postbar, is a long lasting vape with 17ml e-liquid, a 650mAh  rechargeable battery and 1.0Ω mesh coil. Therefore, it can provide over 10000 puffs vaping enjoyment. Its 1.0 ohm resistance provides big cloud and pure flavor to the vape user. Moreover, the mesh design heating coil in this rechargeable vape brings you better vaping taste feeling.

The Postbar can provide 20 vape flavors including kiwi guava ice, peach ice, strawberry kiwi for the vape users.

VPFIT Postbar Max

VPFIT Postbar Max long lasting vape disposable

VPFIT Postbar Max long lasting vape disposable

If VPFIT Postbar cannot attract you, then let’s come to the higher level.

Postbar Max, is an upgrade version of VPFIT Postbar. And it is another best long lasting vape choice for most vape users. It is the first sub-ohm vape of VPFIT. It brings you 20ml high-end e-liquid, and a 750 mAh rechargeable battery. The 0.6Ω low resistance mesh coil make sure it generates extremely huge cloud. Thus brings you full satisfaction for every puff. Its puffing capacity can be as much as 12000 puffs.

Just like Postbar series, the Postbar Max also provides various flavor vape choice. For example, blue berry ice, watermelon ice, cherry lemon ice, etc.

VPFIT Flexbar

VPFIT Flexbar long-lasting vape pen

Flexbar long-lasting vape pen – VPFIT vape brand

The Flexbar series is another long lasting disposable vape mod we must mention here. It is powered by a 650 mAh rechargeable battery. So it can offer you up to 12000 puffs consistent pure and immersive flavor. There are 20ml e-liquid inside this long-lasting vaporizing device. Thus make sure it lasts a long vaping time. Moreover, its 1.2Ω mesh coil bring you the best puffing experience until the last puff.

VPFIT Flexbar provide you 20 body color and vape flavor choice.

VPFIT Arobar

VPFIT Arobar long lasting vape

VPFIT Arobar long lasting vape – brand vape

Arobar is one of the best long lasting disposable vape 2024 choice for you. It equiped with a digital smart display on its body. The screen can display the current e-liquid capacity and battery capacity when you are vaping. Moreover, there are 22ml e-liquid in this vape to bring you much enjoyment. In addition, its 650 mAh rechargeable battery and 1.0Ω ensures 13000 puffs long lasting vaping life. You will not worry about battery empty problem when puffing.

The VPFIT Arobar comes in various flavors. Such as grape ice, blueberry ice, watermelon ice, strawberry banana ice and more. This disposable vape is ideal for new vapers or those who enjoy flavors.

VPFIT Hexbar

VPFIT Hexbar long lasting vape pen

Hexbar long lasting vape pen – VPFIT Brand vape

Hexbar is the newest long lasting disposable vape released by VPFIT in Late October 2023. It uses the latest mesh coil and battery technology. On one hand, it contains 15ml e-liquid and 650 mAh rechargeable battery. This make sure it generate over 9000 puffs long lasting vaping time. On the other hand, the new mesh coil technology optimize the vaporizing. Thus make it more efficient to boost nice and long lasting vaping taste.

The Hexbar series provide 8 body color choice and various vape flavors. You can taste fruitful vape flavors like lemon cola, mango ice, mint ice, etc.


There are other vape brands and companies who also provide long-lasting vape pen. For example, SMOK, Lost Vape, and more. Also, there are some long lasting vape brands who mainly focus on long lasting vaporizing devices. Here, we have introduced the 5 newest and best choice of VPFIT. Each of them has their own features and advantages. Just choose the one best suit you.



How long can a vape last?

Actually, there are many factors influence the lasting time of a vaporizing device. We have already wrote a comprehensive guidance about how long a vape last. You can click the link and read it.

How to maximize the lifespan of disposable vapes?

Apart from choosing long-lasting vape pen, there are some tips to help maximize the lifespan of your disposable vaping device. First, puff shorter inhalations when vaping so as to take a smaller puff each time. Second, store the vape at room temperature, do not let it near hot environment. Thirdly, avoid vaping continuously and overheating, make sure to pause for a seconds after each puff.

Which vaporizing device is the longest lasting disposable vape?

Here, we would like to introduce VPFIT Arobar as the longest lasting disposable vape. Its 22ml e-liquid, 650 mAh rechargeable battery and 1.0Ω mesh coil together, make Arobar the longest lasting choice. 

How many puffs in a disposable vape?

There are various disposable vapes with puffs capacity vary from 500 to almost 20,000 puffs. The most popular in the market is these 4,000 to 8,000 puffs vaping devices.

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For long lasting vapes choosing, there are many factors you need to consider. These include battery, e-liquid, coil, and your vaping habit. There is no one vaporizer is perfect for every vape user. But the above 5 long lasting disposable vapes are choices you can consider. No matter you are looking for vape flavor enjoyment, or chasing huge cloud, there is one can meet you.