WARNING: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vapes Will Be Banned Indoors on January 1st in Illinois
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What Is The Lowest Nicotine Vape? Vape Factory Full Guidance

What Is The Lowest Nicotine Vape - Vape Factory Full Guidance

What Is The Lowest Nicotine Vape - Vape Factory Full Guidance

Nowadays, more and more people are concerning the harmness of nicotine. Thus some vape users are looking for lowest nicotine vape. As a professional vape factory from China, VPFIT will provide a full guidance about the low nicotine vaping device.

Basic Knowledge – What Is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant that is commonly exsist in tobacco and vaping devices. It can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

What’s more, nicotine is extremely difficult to quit. Teenagers who start smoking or vaping will be very hard to break the habit.

Will Nicotine Harm You?

Yes, it is harmful to you. Research shows that the nicotine addictiveness can be harmful.

Comparing with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaping devices is less harmful.

Because traditional cigarettes contains the most harmful chemicals. While chemicals in vapes is considerably lower than that of the former.

There are various nicotine vaping device in the market. They can provide you different nicotine strength. Step by step, you can reduce the nicotine in your vape.

This is the best way to help you get rid of nicotine. And finally, you can quit smoking.

Introduce Nicotine Strength

There are various nicotine e-liquid with differ nicotine strength level. Here, we will show you the basic nicotine strength in the market.

Nicotine StrengthContent of NicotineAdviced Vape User and Smoker
0% nicotine0mgSocial vape user and smoker
0.3% nicotine3mgSocial vape user and smoker
0.5% nicotine5mgSocial vape user and smoker
1% nicotine10mgLight vape user and smoker
1.2% nicotine12mgAverage vape user and smoker
1.8% nicotine18mgHeavy vape user and smoker
2% nicotine20mgHeavy vape user and smoker
3% nicotine30mgHeavy vape user and smoker(Not advice to use)
5% nicotine50mgHeavy vape user and smoker(Not advice to use)

0% nicotine vape, or nicotine free vape, is the lowest nicotine vape. 0% to 1% nicotine vaping are normally regarding as low nicotine vaping.

Normally, the vape manufacturing factory will sign you the nicotine strength on the packing. You can check this when purchasing a vape device.

Actually, the nicotine strength you choose should match your smoking habit. What’s more, some strength is more suitable for MTL vaping. It is less vapor, but high nicotine strength. While others may suits DTL vaping, which is more vapor, and less nicotine strength.

If you are just starting quit smoking, we advice you to try higher nicotine vapes first. Then you can try to reduce the nicotine strength step by step.

By this step, you can get a comfortable vape feeling, and forget the cigarettes.

VPFIT Nicotine Disposable Vapes and Pod Vape Pens

VPFIT Nicotine Disposable Vapes and Pod Vape Pens(Click to view the products)

Lowest nicotine vape choice

Here, we will introduce you the best low nicotine vaping products from the top vape factory VPFIT.

0 nicotine vaping – VPFIT Shine Series

Nicotine Free Vape VPFIT Shine Pod E Cigarette Manufacturer

For social vape users and smokers, 0 nicotine vaping will be the best option. In addition, the light vapers and smokers are also suitable to use the nicotine free vaping.

Here, we would like to introduce VPFIT Shine, a nicotine free pod e-cigarette. It contains 2ml e-liquid, providing about 600 puffs for each pod. What’s more, its 400 mAh built-in rechargeable battery can provide you a full day vaping. Therefore, when the pod is empty, you can just replace it with a new pod. You will not need to purchase a new vape pen.

The Shine is available in 9 different colours and has a sleek design. And, it’s ideal for both beginners and more advanced users.


Actually, all of VPFIT’s nicotine vaping supports 0 nicotine strength option. If you have bulk vape purchasing demand for zero nicotine vaping, welcome to contact us.


1% nicotine vape

Hexbar 9000 Puffs Square Rechargeable Disposable Vape Fruit Flavor

1% nicotine vaping is suitable for these light vapers and smokers who are quiting smoking. Its nicotine strength is just approriate, not very high nor low.

It is really helpful when you want to stay away from nicotine but cannot leave it in a short time. Thus, we can say it is a transitional vaping device for you to transfer from heavy nicotine to lower nicotine.

Here, we would like to introduce VPFIT’s Hexbar, a square fruit flavor vape pen with 9000 puffs capacity. It contains 15ml of prefilled fruit flavor e-liquid, with a 650 mAh rechargeable battery.

For light vapers who want to quit smoking, it is the best option. The fruity flavor in this square vape pen will bring you perfect vaping taste. You will forget the nicotine feeling soon.


For 0.3% nicotine vaping and 0.5% nicotine vaping, VPFIT does not have standard products. However, this vape factory can provide custom and OEM vape manufacturing service. If you have need custom vapes or OEM vapes for 0.3% and 0.5% nicotine vaping , VPFIT can also meet your demand.


FAQs: Lowest Nicotine Vaping

Is 2% nicotine a lot in a vape?

Yes, 2% nicotine in vaping device is normally regarded as high nicotine strength vapes.

For some vape user or smokers trying 2% nicotine vape, you may feel harsher or uncomfortable on the throat. Thus it is recommended for heavy vapers and smokers to use.

What nicotine strength is suitable for light smokers and beginners?

For light vape users and smokers, we suggest you to choose the vaping devices with 1% nicotine strength or less. These low nicotine vape contains less nicotine strength, and the vaping taste is smooth and more comfortable in throat. These are more suitable vape for beginners.

What nicotine strength is suitable for heavy vape users and smokers?

1% nicotine strength to 2% nicotine strength is suitable for heavy vape users and smokers. It still contains certain nictine but less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Therefore, it will be the best option for heavy vape users to get rid of nicotine and traditional cigarettes.

Bulk Purchase lowest nicotine Vapes Today

The above are the full guidance about low nicotine strength vapes. Hope that this guidance can help you know more about the nicotine strength and their difference.

VPFIT is the leading vape factory able to provide all kinds of nicotine vaping. Thus if you are interested in bulk purchase nicotine vaping, welcome to contact us.

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