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Malaysia vape market grows by 53%, Disposable vapes account for 32% market share

vape_vaping_vape-store_e-cigarette in Malaysia

vape_vaping_vape-store_e-cigarette in Malaysia

Recently, the Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) releases the “Malaysian vape Industry Research 2023”. It shows that as more and more Malaysia traditional cigarette users switch to vapes, the number of consumers also increase. The retail value of vaping products in Malaysia surged by about 53% from 2.27 billion ringgits (about 3.56 billion yuan) in 2019. And the total value of vape products in Malaysia is expected to reach 3.48 billion ringgits (about 5.47 billion yuan) by 2023.

The study reveals that the Malaysia vape industry is rapidly becoming a game-changer for traditional cigarettes.

According to the study, 31% of Malaysian smokers have completely switch to using vapes. Moreover, 69% of cigarette users use vapes at the same time. Among these people, half of them use vapes to quit smoking completely.

The report also notes that the contribution of the vape industry to the economy increases significantly. And the number of vaping-relating employment also increases.

MVCC Secretary General Ridhwan Rosli says the research clearly shows continuous strong growth in the vaping industry.

“Apart from making an important contribution to the nation’s economy and helping smokers quit smoking, it also fosters the growth of local businesses and creates multiple jobs, both directly and indirectly, across the supply chain.”

He expresses support for the government to regulate the vaping industry by introducing a tax framework and introducing the Control of Smoking Product for Public Health Bill 2023 (Bill).

However, the Generational End Game (GEG) policy, which forms part of the Bill concerns MVCC.

The main concern, Rosley adds, is the potential adverse economic impact this could have on the sector. The vaporizer industry is experiencing significant growth, and many entrepreneurs have found opportunity and livelihood in vape market.

Implementing GEG policies could stifle this growth, causing job losses and affecting the livelihoods of many.

“It would also send the wrong message to smokers, putting vapes in the same category as cigarettes, which would prevent many people from using vapes to quit smoking.”

Data from the Malaysia Vaping Industry Study 2023 generates from two studies. One is through direct engagement with industry players. The other is through online consumer surveys.

In addition, industry research shows that the number of vape companies in Malaysia has changed over the past few years.

Malaysia vape market grows by 53%, disposable vapes account for 32% market share

Malaysia vape market grows by 53%, disposable vapes account for 32% market share

Currently, there are about 7,500 general retail shops in Malaysia sell vaping products, and 2,500 retail stores. From 2015 to 2022, the number of employed persons in Malaysia Vape industry increases from 15,000 to 31,500.

The followings are some key findings from the consumer research in Malaysia vape industry.

  1. The proportion of vape users who use open and closed vape systems vapes will drop from 77% and 23% in 2019 to 50% and 18% in 2023.
  2. Disposable vapes quickly increase and account for 32% of the market.
  3. The average cost of open/closed vape systems is estimated at RM2.56 billion per year.
  4. Disposable vape products average cost is estimated at RM925 million per year.
  5. 34% of vape users prefer vapers that containing nicotine-only e-liquid. But other 28% vape users prefer vaping devices that has e-liquid without nicotine. About 38 percent use both nicotine and nicotine-free vapes.
  6. Up to 95% of vape users are using e-liquid that containing up to 40mg of nicotine per ml. This data comes from the researched nicotine strength per milliliter (ml) in e-liquid.
  7. Users choose to use vapes because they are less harmful than cigarettes (45%), help quit smoking (45%) and are cheaper than smoking (36%).

What’s more, Rosli mentions that Malaysia has an international reputation for manufacturing high-quality vaping products, especially e-liquids.

This puts Malaysia in a good position to attract high-quality foreign direct investment, thereby strengthening the Malaysia vape business ecosystem.


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