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VPZ | UK Largest Vape Retailer Plans To Open 20 More Stores

VPZ Plans To Open 20 More Stores

Recently, a piece news about VPZ reported by the insider was attracted the attention of JSBvape. It is about that VPZ will continue to expand its sales and plans to open 20 stores to grow to 170 stores by the end of this year. 

Meanwhile the group’s director Doug Mutter is calling on the UK Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and increase regulation of the vaping market.

Doug Mutter said, “At VPZ we are firmly focused on helping adult smokers quit and have helped over 700k people quit smoking since we were established in 2012.”

VPZ is the largest vape retailer in the UK at present. It has opened stores in Hexham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Newquay. VPZ has very good reputation in China. It is one of the best UK customers that many Chinese vape factories are want to cooperate with.

As such an influential company, VPZ is the VIP for JSBvape. JSBvape’s new product model Erino has attracted the attention by VPZ, and the two sides will discuss and cooperate on this product.

Do best wishes of better and better to VPZ !