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Italy ADM Released List Of Vape Products Allowed To Be Sold

Italy ADM Released List Of Vape

Italy vape news by JSBvape world view:There are about 23000 products officially registered in the Italian vape market. 

Recently, the Italian Agenzia delle dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) released the list of vape products allowed to be sold in Italy. According to the data, there are 22729 vape products officially registered in Italy.

Among them, 10322 species contain nicotine and 12407 species do not contain nicotine.

It is reported that vape and e-liquid entering Italy can only be put on the market after being registered by the customs and the monopoly agency. In order to avoid counterfeiting, the agency will regularly publish the list of products allowed to be sold on the official website, so as to help retailers query before purchasing. The latest revision date is March 8.

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