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March 13, 2023
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Vape China News: Check Fruit Flavor Ban Unlicensed Operation

vape china news of Special Inspection

Vape China news by JSBvape world view:

“Take effective measures to carry out comprehensive inspection and rectification at the source of production, distribution channels and retail markets, prevent unqualified and substandard vape products from illegally entering the market, safeguard consumer rights and interests, and protect minors from vapes infringement.” With a notice, a special rectification campaign for the vape and e-cigarette market that will last for 50 days was fully launched.

The Notice of the Office of the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration on the Special Inspection of Standardizing the Order of Vape Market (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) issued by the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration shows that from March 6 to April 25, the illegal activities such as the production of vape pens without certificates and the production and sale of fruit flavor-related products on the market will be comprehensively inspected, cleared and rectified.

Many industry insiders interviewed said that the existence of chaos is extremely destructive and negative demonstration. The existence of “milk tea cup”, “cola bottle” and other fruit-flavored vape pens and other “three no”(no production date, no quality certificate,no manufacturer information) products has greatly affected the market operation of the national standard vape industry, damaged the market operation order, harmed the physical and mental health of consumers, especially minors, and also caused great losses to the national tax revenue.

After the new national standard, fruit-flavored vapes are transferred to the underground market.

“This case must be stopped because it will affect the domestic legal vape market.” JSBvape CEO Frankie Zhou said. Before the implementation of the national standard, the electronic cigarette market was basically dominated by fruit flavor. Now it takes time to cultivate old users to change from fruit flavor to tobacco flavor. In addition, after the start of tax collection, the price of compliant vape products increase, while the illegal production of covertly circulated fruit-flavored vapes occupied a competitive advantage at a lower price.

This special action is a special rectification activity for 50 consecutive days, which is more comprehensive, rigorous and systematic in strength and scope than the previous scattered and partial actions.

This special action will last longer, cover a wider range, and have great regulatory determination. As a compliance enterprise operator, Frankie Zhou is most concerned about the deployment of the law enforcement force of this special action, that is, how to achieve the strike force. The vape is a very small part of the entire tobacco system, but the daily human resources allocation of relevant departments(quantity) is actually limited, while the current illegal fruit-flavored vapes are widespread. It is most necessary to check the source, so that illegal small workshops dare not produce, so there will be no illegal products on the market. Otherwise, another batch will emerge from the market.

The <Notice> stressed that we should carefully summarize the results of special inspections and strengthen long-term effectiveness (long-term adherence). In this regard, Frankie believes that the next step in this market is to have a normalized and long-term regulation. “I believe that the relevant departments of the state will effectively perform their duties in the supervision of electronic cigarettes, and I also hope that under the premise of effective and strict supervision of electronic cigarettes, the industry can achieve a healthy and orderly long-term development.”