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March 11, 2023
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March 14, 2023

World Vaping Industry News And Reports Last Week By JSB Vape

World Vaping Industry News And Reports Last Week

1.China, Guangdong has investigated and dealt with 115 cases of illegal vape: 227 persons involved were arrested.

According to preliminary statistics, since October 1, 2022, the tobacco monopoly bureaus at all levels in Guangdong Province, together with the polic, market supervision and other functional departments, have investigated and dealt with 115 cases of vape, with a total amount of more than 98 million yuan and 227 persons involved.

Among them, there were 19 criminal cases of producing and selling counterfeit and inferior vape, 29 cases of “Shangtou vape”, 18 cases of selling vapes to minors, 21 cases of operating the retail business of vape products without certificates, 25 cases of selling illegally produced vape products, and 3 cases of selling unmarked foreign vape products.

2.Research by Shenzhen Advanced Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences: low dose nicotine can resist aging.

Recently, Li Xiang, a team from the Institute of Brain Cognition and Brain Diseases, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, published a research paper online in Nature Communication, revealing the mechanism of action of chronic low-dose nicotine to improve energy metabolism and delay systemic aging by activating the NAD+recovery pathway, providing new targets and methods for expanding the application of nicotine and anti-aging.

3.FDA formulates new regulations for manufacturers of tobacco products such as vapes.

On March 8, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it was formulating new rules for tobacco product companies. The proposed rules will apply to all bulk and finished tobacco products regulated by FDA, including vapes, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.

The new regulations will help prevent the products of tobacco manufacturers from being contaminated, help solve the problems related to the inconsistency between the e-liquid label and the actual concentration in the e-liquid, and will also take measures against tobacco products that do not meet the specifications or are contaminated (including sold products), which may include recalls.

4.The British Chancellor of the Exchequer said that there would be no tax on one-time electronic cigarettes.

Recently, Jeremy Hunt, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, rejected the call of the Ministry of Health to tax disposable vape pens. It is reported that the UK Department of Health and Social Security has been promoting this new tax to combat the smoking of vape by minors, but the latest news shows that the new one-time vape tax will not be included in the government budget on March 15.

5.Altria determined to purchase NJOY, an vape brand, with US $2.75 billion.

A few days ago, Altria Group confirmed that it had reached a cash acquisition agreement with NJOY of about US $2.75 billion. The terms of the transaction include an additional $500 million cash payment, which depends on the regulatory results of some NJOY products.

6.Malaysian government plans to regulate and tax e-liquid.

According to the New Straits Times recently, the Malaysian government plans to regulate and levy taxes on e-liquid. Although the vape containing nicotine is currently illegal in Malaysia, the product is still widely sold, with an estimated market size of more than 2 billion Malaysian ringgit (About 0.445 billion USD ).

7.In the UK vape market.Nearly 90% of vape manufacturers fail to comply with UK environmental regulations.

According to a report released by the recycling organization Material Focus, the quantity sales of disposable vape pen in the UK have soared to 138 million pcs. However, disposable vape device has also posed a huge threat to the environment.

The organization analyzed and examined the records of more than 150 vape companies and vape manufacturers in the United Kingdom, and found that only 16 signed the environmental regulations that manufacturers were responsible for waste electronic products, portable batteries and packaging. In other words, nearly 90% of vape manufacturers fail to comply with UK environmental regulations.