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February 7, 2023
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Canada Vaping Association Advised The Government To Carefully Limit The Number Of Vape Pen Flavors


Jsbvape world view, 8th Feb.
Recently days,the Governor of Ontario, Canada, received a proposal to limit the number of flavors of vape pens, and got suggestions and warnings from CVA (Canadian Electronic Cigarette Association). CVA stressed that the ban on vaping taste may have negative effects, such as the rise of smoking rate and the expansion of the black market. The association pointed out that the current research has continuously shown that adults who switch from smoking to non-tobacco vaping are more likely to successfully quit smoking than those who use tobacco flavors, and hopes that the authorities will adjust carefully.

This view point also recognized by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, he is a famous smoking cessation expert and cardiologist in Canada. “The flavored nicotine vape products can help adult smokers quit smoking, and legislators should seriously consider this, especially when they start to consider the flavor regulation in ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system).”

In the same time, the effectiveness of vape pen in smoking cessation has also been confirmed in Australia. Addiction magazine, an internationally renowned academic journal, disclosed a paper published by Dr. Mark Chambers of the University of New South Wales, <Effect Of Vaping On Ast-year Smoking Cession Success Of Australia In 2019-evidence From A National Survey>. The paper points out that through a year-long survey of 1601 smokers (including vape pen users), it was finally found that compared with non-smoking vape pen, the success rate of using vape pen to quit smoking was almost twice that of other smoking cessation methods, which means that vapings are more effective than other smoking cessation methods than visiting doctors or using NRT (nicotine replacement therapy).

Dr. Mark Chambers believes that the results of this study show that improving the accessibility of Australian nicotine vaping is expected to help some Australian smokers quit smoking, so it is extremely important to incorporate vaping into the smoking cessation strategy.