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February 8, 2023
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February 13, 2023

Top 10 China Vape Factory In 2022

top 10 vape manufacturer in china in 2022

top 10 vape manufacturer in china in 2022

A objectively rank of the China vape factories in 2022 :

  • Smoore
  • Smiss
  • ALD
  • Joyetech
  • Smok
  • Firstunion
  • Aspire
  • kangertech
  • Itsuwa
  • Jieshibo

Number 1:

SMOORE was founded in 2009,in the eariler years .Smoore company was dealing OEM and ODM orders from customers all over the world.By a few years growing,they did having strong R&D department.And many high technology vaping device was made out by Smoore.With better vaping taste.On July 10th, 2020, SMOORE International Holding Limited announced an IPO in Hong Kong (Stock Code: HK6969).

Number 2:

Smiss was established in Shenzhen, China in 2012.The author was taking interview there in Feb 2012.That was a small factory with only about 100 workers.Lucky by theirs CEO operations those years.With good quality products and public praise.Smiss become leading vaping industry in China.The business volume in 2022 is about 2 billion RMB by 2 production bases.the 3rd Dongfang production base was Built in January 2023.

Number 3:

ALD Group Limited was established in 2009,the early e-cigarette factory in shenzhen city of China.Since from 2012,ALD major direction product is to CBD vapes.They are really famous on this area all over the world. With super quality win from market. Best CBD vape supplier.

Number 4:

Joyetech is earliest batch e-cigarrette factory.They are making famous vaping product as “starter kit” in earily years. And battery brand.Always famous in China with powerful position in Vaping Association.The well-known to every household product ego-t battery is Joyetech work.It has become industry rule and standard on battery thread size.

Number 5:

Smok is one of earliest brand was built by a chinese e-cigarette manufacturer.Fastly build brand and popularize successfully all over the world.Great R&D department control super quality.Involve e-cigarette,vape pen,CBD vape and many classic model in market.120% recommend supplier.

Number 6:

Firstunion group was biggest size of e-cigarette factory in the early years. Over 5,000 workers when splendid times.Super big OEM ODM vape manufacturer even today.Firstunion was founded in 2004.In the early years,they have super customers from US, France,Italy,Germany who are needing huge quantity e-cigarette.CBD vape department was built those years.

Number 7:

Aspire was one of best and successful e-cigarette brand from China.The Nautilus atomizer was biggest quantity selling in the world.They made 510 thread atomizer miracle,industry model!The Breeze vape pen is very popular in North America market.Great hardware engineer with super team.Product very famous in Middle east countries.

Number 8:

Kangertech is earlier years e-cigarette industry model.The earlier starter kit EVOD was crazy hot selling .Also provide OEM and ODM services.With 2 industry park production base.Successful china vape brand.Fashion disposable vape product designer and maker.

Number 9:

VPFIT brand is belongs to shenzhen jieshibo technology Co.,Ltd.Vaping industry OEM ODM service giant.Over 3000 workers with 2 industry base.With CBD and disposable vape dominant quantity production capacity.In the eariler years,JSB did service with many Tobacco companies from all over the world.Got great public praise in the world.It makes JSB vape always stably sit on top 10 vape factory those years.

Number 10:

Itsuwa group is a top vape manufacturer focusing on CBD THC vape cartridge, battery ,and disposable vape Devices since 2007.A chinese listed company with 2 industry parks.Famous OEM ODM factory.Vapesoul a brand become popular in Europe countries.Daily production output above 100,000 unit.A reliable supplier in vaping industry.

The author has more then 10 years of vaping product working experience. The rank might be something difference.If any suggestions or objections,welcome point out.