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February 6, 2023
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Elf Bar vape pen exceed the statutory nicotine content in the UK

Elf Bar, the best-selling vape pen company in the UK, admitted that the nicotine content in the some products were sold are exceeded the legal limit by 50%, thus unintentionally violating the law.The company said that it had unintentionally violated the law and apologized wholeheartedly.

Elf Bar become popular in 2021 and sold about 2.5 million Elf Bar 600 in the UK every week, accounting for two-thirds of the sales amount of all disposable vape pens.In the UK, the content of nicotine liquid in vape pen is limited to 2ml by law, and the maximum nicotine intensity should be 2%. Trading Standards warned that the strict 2ml limit can not be exceeded with no exception.

However, the mailonline commissioned a test of three flavors of Elf Bar 600 vape pens purchased in Sainsbury, Tesco and Morrison stores in London, Derby and Sheffield, and found that they contained 3 milliliters to 3.2 milliliters of nicotine. Two other major vape pen brands tested at the same time were found of being legal level.After the Mailonline shared the survey results, Tesco removed some Elf Bar 600s from its stores while Morrisons launched a probe into the product.

A spokesman for Morrisons said: We take this matter very serious and confirm that we are working closely with Elf Bar and Trading Standards to further investigate the matter.

Elf Bar initially expressed doubts about the testing process of Mailonline and suggested that these products might be fakes.
But, a spokesman later confirmed:we found that some batches of Elf Bar products were overfilled in the UK. The standard smoke tank size of other markets (such as the United States) seems to have been inadvertently installed on some of our UK products. We are deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association(UKVIA) statement:
In response to ELF BAR’s recent media announcement, UKVIA issued the following statement:

We are aware that ELF BAR has made an announcement that it has found that some of its products have entered the UK with 3ml capacity e-liquid tanks, which whilst standard in many parts of the world, are not so here.

Although they are not members of UKVIA, we have sought assurances that they have mastered the matter and have made appropriate contact with the relevant authorities and the market. We understand that they are taking immediate action and will replace all affected stocks.
We are still waiting for more information from MHRA and TSO on this matter.
UKVIA does not tolerate any brands that intentionally overfill their equipment.

All manufacturers must comply with the UK regulations on the volume of electronic liquids and the concentration level of nicotine, because they are different from the rest of the world.

By JSBvape world view.

7th Feb,2023