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Vape usage in Malaysia is on the rise - Vape Factory China
Vape usage in Malaysia is on the rise | Vape Factory China
March 15, 2024
8000 Philippine minors who use vapes illegally were warned
8,000 Philippine minors who use vapes illegally were warned
March 19, 2024

Non-compliant Vapes Are Rampant in Scottish Market

Non-compliant Vapes Are Rampant in Scottish Market

A large number of non-compliant vapes are on the market in Renfrewshire. There are serious concerns about the sale of mislabelled, unsafe, and counterfeit vapes.

Concerns about the sale of non-compliant vapes in Renfrewshire.

Trading Standards figures show they have seized non-compliant products in most vape shops. Due to the popularity of vapes among young people, law enforcement officials have focused on crackdowns on businesses located near schools. The department notes that nearly half of merchants knew their products were non-compliant.

“Non-compliant for these purposes includes mislabelled, unsafe, or counterfeit products. Visits have been targeted around secondary schools, as young persons are known to be an increasing user group of these products.”

“Businesses are given enhanced advice and guidance on compliance, as well as information around underage sales. The non-compliant products are signed over to the service for destruction, in order that they can be removed from the supply chain.”

Johnstone North Councillor Graham has previously expressed support for stricter measures on the sale and promotion of disposable vapes. “Anecdotally, we know that some pupils are using a single disposable vape every day. The sooner the ban can come in – and also how vapes are displayed should be the same as cigarettes – it can’t come soon enough.”

The Scottish announced that it would completely ban the sale and supply of disposable vapes starting from April 1, 2025. (Source: Action on single-use vapes)

Vape manufacturing factory comments on the non-compliant vaping products.

VPFIT, as a responsible vape manufacturer from China, always follows the restrictions in every country. And, we have always opposed the sale of non-compliant vapes in the market.

Non-compliant vaping products can pose risks to consumers and the whole industry. Non-compliance with regulations could result in unsafe or substandard products. This may potentially endanger user health and safety.

For vape manufacturers, we should comply with relevant regulations and standards during production. It is crucial to ensure that vaping products are safe and reliable. This helps maintain consumer trust, and can protect public health. Besides, this contributes to the long-term sustainability of the vaping industry.