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Ireland plans to tax vapes from 2025 - vape factory China
Ireland plans to tax vapes from 2025 | Vape Factory China
March 5, 2024
BAT CEO Supports UK Vape Tax Plan
BAT CEO Supports UK Vape Tax Plan
March 7, 2024

Northern Ireland to be included in UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill

Northern Ireland to be included in UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill - China Vapes

The UK government plans to protect children’s health by banning disposable vapes. This will also be extended to Northern Ireland, subject to approval by Stormont Parliament. Northern Ireland Health Minister Robin Swann has confirmed that NI will be included in Westminster’s Tobacco and Vapes Bill.

The proposed bill would make it illegal to sell tobacco products to people born on or after January 1, 2009.

And it would authorize further regulatory measures to address youth vaping risks.

Swan said:

“Smoking kills, it’s that simple. In Northern Ireland it kills more than 2,000 people each year. And treating tobacco-related conditions costs our hospitals over £200 million annually. If there are measures available that will reduce preventable deaths, help people live longer healthier lives, then as Health Minister I must advocate for them. I fully support the UK government’s plans to create a smoke-free generation and tackle youth vaping.”

He has called for Northern Ireland to be included in the UK Government Bill.

“Ultimately it will be for the Northern Ireland Assembly to take a final decision on our inclusion.”

He also says that he has introduced legislation in 2021 to help protect children from the harms of smoke and vapes. He is confident that this latest measure will allow to go a step further. Also, it will create a future where our young people are free from these dangers

Public Health England Minister Andrea Leadsom welcomed Northern Ireland’s inclusion. He says: “We warmly welcome the news that Northern Ireland will join us in making history and bringing forward the smoke-free generation.”

Vape manufacturer reaction to this plan.

As a leading vape manufacturing company, VPFIT also has business in North Ireland. Since the UK government plans to ban disposable vaping, we have change our marketing plan. Now, our main focus in UK is pod vapes, e cigar vapes, and other reusable vape devices.

Disposable vaping has environment problem, that’s true. But, completely banning it is not the best solution. The adults also have the demand of disposable vapes.

The key solution is, make sure all the online and offline retailers will not sell vapes to youth. This need the retailers to be responsible and follow the regulations. Besides, the agencies should crack down on illegal sales of vapes to young people. And, government should step up efforts to educate youth about the potential harms of smoking. Let the youth know these harms, and guide them away from cigarettes and vapes.

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