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Utah bill aiming to ban the sale of flavored vape products

Utah bill aiming to ban the sale of flavored vape products

A bill that would ban the sale of most flavored vaping products in Utah is sparking concerns from opponents. They fear it will “destroy” Utah’s vaping industry if passed. But supporters argue the ban will help curb nicotine addiction among young Utahans.

Senate passed the bill on banning flavor vape sale in Utah.

Utah Senator Jen Plumb advocated for a ban on the sale of flavored vape products in SB 61. In addition to banning the sale of flavored vapes, Plumb’s bill also included a ban on the sale of vapes that have not been approved by the U.S. FDA. Besides, the bill also included creating a register listing vaping products sold in the state.

This bill passed the Senate in a vote of 20-3 on February 13. Next, it will be submitted to the House of Representatives for a final vote.

However, one of the senators, Republican Todd Weiler, opposed the bill. He calls SB 61 an “anti-business bill”. And He proposed an alternative bill centered on recommendations from the Utah Vapor Business Association. This alternative bill does not involve flavored products.

There are about 300 specialty tobacco shops in the state. Weiler warned that SB 61 “will put some or most of them out of business.

“This is an anti-business bill.”

flavor vapes in the vape store

flavor vapes in the vape store

Vape industry insiders worrying about the bill.

Vape shop owner Brendon Gunn believes his business and that of many others in Utah will be wiped out if Plumb’s bill passes.

The vape use among Utah youth dropped from 12.4% to 7.4% based on data from 2019 to 2023.(Source: Utah has made a big dent in teen vaping in the last 4 years)

But, many vape insiders, including Gunn, remain skeptical of the bill.

“It would completely annihilate the vape industry. It’s our belief that they (lawmakers) are using children to do Big Tobacco’s dirty work.”

If SB 61 becomes law, Juan Bravo, president of the Utah Vapor Business Association, said they are prepared to sue the Utah government over the matter.

Vape manufacturer comment on this bill.

As a flavor vape manufacturing company from China, VPFIT also concerns about the bill. First, flavoring vapes are useful alternatives for smokers to quit smoking. The Senate and House of Representatives should see more pros of this vape type. Besides, the vape retailers, online vape stores should take more responsibility. Only if they never sell vaping devices to the youth, can the youth’s vaping and smoking rate drop down. These are the final and right solutions.

“A complete ban on flavored vapes is not the optimal solution. This will harm the vape industry insiders. In addition, the adults will lost a useful quit-smoking alternative in the market. The bill may have little effect on helping protect the youth. And, most importantly, stop the vape retailers and online stores in selling vapes to youth.” Mr. Franky Zhou, General Manager of the vape manufacturer VPFIT said.

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