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Top E-Cigarette Manufacturer - VPFIT
Top E-Cigarette Manufacturer – VPFIT
August 2, 2023
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New disposable vape pen release by ELFBAR in UK
August 4, 2023

Over 70 Vape Companies Including RELX, HQD, ELUX, ALD Participates the IECIE

Over 70 Vape Companies Including RELX, HQD, ELUX, ALD Participates the IECIE

Over 70 Vape Companies Including RELX, HQD, ELUX, ALD Participates the IECIE

On Aug 3rd, the Indonesia Electronic Cigarette Exhibition(IECIE) starts. More than 70 vape companies including RELX, HQD, ELUX, and ALD are participating in the exhibition.

From August 3rd to 5th, IECIE Vape Show Jakarta 2023 is holding in Jakarta, Indonesia.

More than 70 vape brands, distributors, retailers and logistics companies will participate in the exhibition. These include vape manufacturers, retailers, distributors, like RELX, HQD, ELUX, MOTI, Yuo to, ALD, Kanger and other enterprises.

With the opportunity of this exhibition, these vape companies will conduct in-depth exchanges and research on the vape market in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, this exhibition will also help exhibitors understand key information such as the status quo of vape brands in the Indonesian market, product taste, market capacity, and new products.

In addition, these companies will also interact with vaping industry practitioners to discuss the development trend of the vaping market in Southeast Asia. They will share industry insights and jointly promote the development of the electronic cigarette industry.

IECIE VAPE SHOW Jakarta Floorplan

IECIE VAPE SHOW Jakarta Floorplan

Basic information about the IECIE

2023 Indonesia Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (IECIE)

Exhibition time: August 3rd ~ August 5th, 2023

Venue: Indonesia-Jakarta  Arena JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10620-Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Informa Markets

Holding cycle: once a year

Exhibition area: 12000 square meters

Exhibitors: 10,000 people, the number of exhibitors(vape manufacturers, vape factories, vape retailers and distributors) and participating vape brands reached 300.

IECIE started in 2015 in Shenzhen, China, and has been deeply involved in the vaping industry for several years. As the world’s most influential and large-scale vaping industry exposition, it covers the upstream parts supply chain of the industry and downstream finished equipment solutions. In addition, it is also a world’s leading professional B2B and B2C industry event. It has become a display platform and vape brand promotion platform for global vape product technology.

The 2022 IECIE Exhibition Jakarta was successfully held at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center. 100+ global vape brands and vape factories participated in the exhibition. Moreover, 6000+ vape dealers from 49 countries gathered in Indonesia to help global exhibitors connect with precise dealers and buyers.