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Over 70 Vape Companies Including RELX, HQD, ELUX, ALD Participates the IECIE
Over 70 Vape Companies Including RELX, HQD, ELUX, ALD Participates the IECIE
August 3, 2023
Vape Brands Does not Launch New Vape Pens on Indonesia IEICE
Vape Brands Does not Launch New Vape Pens on Indonesia IEICE
August 7, 2023

New disposable vape pen release by ELFBAR in UK

new disposable vape pen

new disposable vape pen

Recently, the vape brand ELFBAR launched a new disposable vape pen product  in London, England. This product is a new upgraded version of their previous vapes.

The name of this new disposable vape pen is ELFBAR 600V2. It adopts a brand-new QUAQ Tech technology combination, which integrates QUAQ Mesh and QUAQ Cell technologies. It not only brings users an upgrade in product experience, but also facilitates the technological exploration of sustainable product development.

This disposable vape pen has made many improvements in appearance and performance.

At the same time, it carry out technical exploration in the direction of product recyclability.

Firstly, this disposable vape pen adopts pre-automate module and non-welded structure design. Thus makes the dismantling and recycling process of this vape pen more convenient and feasible. Also minimizes the generation of waste and the impact on the environment.

On the other hand, the battery of this disposable vape pen can be directly disassembled on the recycling side for reuse. Thus it effectively alleviates the environmental pollution caused by waste lithium batteries.

New disposable vape pen release in UK

New disposable vape pen release in UK

The European Union and the United Kingdom have always concerns about the environmental issues caused by waste vaping products.

In recent years, the development of new tobacco in these regions has also faced the environmental problems of waste electronic products. The EU’s upcoming “Tobacco Products Directive Third Edition (TPD3)” stipulates that the batteries of disposable vape pens must be manually removable. The innovative design of ELFBAR 600V2’s efficient recycling function is also to comply with the new EU policy.

The ELFBAR Chief Operating Officer Victor Xiao says,

“This long-awaited iteration of our classic series comes on the heels of our close follow up to user feedback and continuous market research. We are committed to bringing our users worldwide, including in the European markets, a refreshing experience,”

The vape brand regards its commitment to the sustainable and friendly development of the environment as its own responsibility.

In June this year, ELFBAR released GreenPowercycle, an environmental recycling program in the UK, dedicated to the “true recycling” of disposable electronic cigarettes.

In order to realize the preliminary preparations for the plan, the team implements environmental protection plans. They also carry out recycling initiatives in many countries since last year, providing pilot recycling services in more than 3,000 stores.

After several months of continuous pilot operation, they have explored a full link for the recycling of disposable vape pens. Since last year, they have been registered under the guidelines of the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

In addition, they are cooperating with environmental technology company Recover to explore environmentally friendly recycling schemes.

This time, this disposable vape solves the product environmental protection problem recycling from technological innovation on the product. This disposable vape pen promotes environmental protection recycling plan, makes the recycling chain more complete. Moreover, it also marks an important step forward of the vape brand in terms of environmental and social governance (ESG).

The vape brand is making efforts from multiple dimensions, striving to achieve sustainable development on the product side by 2025. And they want to establish a mature, detachable, and reusable full-cycle recycling system to fulfill its long-term commitment to environmental protection.