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Vape Brand VUSE Leading US Vape Market Over JUUL

Vape Brand VUSE Leading US Vape Market Over JUUL

Vape Brand VUSE Leading US Vape Market Over JUUL

Nielsen, a data statistics agency recently launches a convenience store report data about the vape brand market share in US. According to the report, the market share of British American Tobacco’s (BAT) vape brand VUSE increased slightly from 41.8% to 42.3%. Additionally, JUUL market share drops from 26% to 25.6%, ranks the second place.

The third place belongs to NJOY, of which market share rose from 2.7% to 2.8%.

VUSE is extending its lead over JUUL and other vape brands.

The latest Nielsen analysis of vape brand market share covers the four-week period ending May 20.

Actually, Nielsen’s data mainly covers the large chain stores. This has also been confirmed by Barclays. However, as to small chains, Nielsen normally extrapolates the trends. Therefore, Nielsen’s analysis cannot show the immediately trend changes.

During the past 12 months, inflation and upticks of traditional cigarette prices also has influence to the vape market. The consumer’s demand for tobacco and vape products is fluctuating in the past 12months.

Vape Brand VUSE logo

Vape Brand VUSE logo

Of course, there are some factors help the vape brand VUSE increase the market share.

In recent months, the potential banning vapes of JUUL Labs Inc. from U.S. retail stores helps accelerates the market share of VUSE. In addition, the potential JUUL Labs Inc. federal bankruptcy filing also helps a lot.

The third place vape brand, NJOY gets a slightly market share increase from 2.7% to 2.8%. While on the contrary, Blu ecigs, an affiliate of Imperial Brands Plc, gets a slip from 1.4% to 1.3%.

On May 26, Altria Group Inc. announces that the federal antitrust waiting period has expired for its $2.75 billion in cash offer for full ownership of NJoy. They are planing to close the deal by June 30.

Vape Brand JUUL logo

Vape Brand JUUL logo

JUUL continuously lose its market share in US.

By exiting its minority stake in No. 2 vape brand and while acquiring global licensing rights, Altria has clear the way for purchasing NJoy.

In the newest 4-weeks report, JUUL’s sales have dropped from a 50.2% increase in the Aug. 10, 2019, to a 22.3% decline.

In addition, Reynolds’ vape barnd VUSE gets a increase of 19.3% in the latest report, while NJoy gets a down at 5.3% and blu eCigs down 31.7%.

If back to May 2019, JUUL wins a 74.6% U.S. vape market share. From then, a series of regulatory actions starts take action. Finally, JUUL Labs start to reduce the product production.

VPFIT logo

Vape Brand VPFIT logo

Another vape brand we would like to mention: VPFIT, a trustworthy vape brand from China.

Honestly, VPFIT is not as famous as VUSE and JULL. This brand belongs to Shenzhen Jieshibo Group. If you are long in vaping industry, we are sure you know this company.

Jieshibo Group is one of the earliest vape manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. Since the appearance of electronic cigarettes, Jieshibo has join this field. By now, they already have over 13+ years of professional vaping devices manufacturing experience.

VPFIT specialize in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of various kinds of vaping devices. Their products include electronic cigarette, OEM vapes, disposable vape pen, rechargeable vapes, vaporizers. In addition. they also have nicotine vapes, nicotine free vapes, refillable vapes, e cigar vapes.

With years of development, VPFIT has won some reputation in the market. It become one of the famous and top vape brands in the world.

Currently, VPFIT is looking for cooperative partners all over the world. If you are vape retailers, dealers or distributors looking for bulk vapes, VPFIT will be a trustworthy vape brand you can consider.