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China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT Dubai Vape Market Open Up activities
China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT Dubai Vape Market Open Up In Progress
June 7, 2023
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Vape Brand VUSE Leading US Vape Market Over JUUL
June 9, 2023

Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers List 2023 Newest Update

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) VPFIT

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) VPFIT

It is easy to find China wholesale vape manufacturers or suppliers on the internet. China vape manufacturer can provides you high quality vape products with low prices. Choosing the right manufacturer and supplier can easily help to expend your business. Therefore, you’d better check them carefully.

If you are a online retailer or reseller, you will definitely need a reliable vape manufacturer who can meet your demand.

However, it is hard to navigate this complex vape market, especially when you are not familiar with the China wholesale vape manufacturers.

Finding a vape manufacturer you trust is a good step to start from. But how and where to find these vape manufacturers? That’s what we’re here to find out!

To help narrow your search, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on uncovering the top 10 China wholesale vape manufacturers. We’re going to introduce them to you and find out what makes them so successful.

2023 Top 10 Best China wholesale Manufacturers List:



03. SMOK








This article is truly useful for you. From the following vape manufacturers, you can take advantage of some of their various features before deciding.

So if you’re ready to learn more, let’s get started!



1. VPFIT — A 13 years professional and reliable China wholesale vape manufacturer, best selling vape manufacturer.

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) VPFIT logo

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) VPFIT logo

VPFIT is a sub-brand of Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co. Ltd.(JSB) established in 2010. They have professional and reliable experience in vape manufacturing. Also, they have a strong emphasis on the research and development of new technologies.

Their products cover from vape pens to pod kit systems, disposable vapes to rechargeable vapes.

In addition, they have over 50 styles of vapes for different markets, and popular around their clients through 12 years. Moreover, they have over 20 experienced engineers that have at least 5 years’ working experience in vaping industry.

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Thus make sure their R&D ability is also very strong.

By now, they have sold their products to 49 countries & regions, and built up long-term cooperation with dozens of clients.

Also, they have a strong and reliable QC team. These stuff can make sure both the material, vape components, production processes and the finished vape products are all with high quality.

Moreover, They can provide you a large selection of disposable vape pens, vape pods, rechargeable vapes, accessories and more. All these choice allows you to find the best vape products for your business.

With their professional and reliable customer service and support, you can believe that all your vaping supplies are with best quality and after-sales service.

Additionally, they offer fast shipping so retailers and resellers can get orders quickly and economically.

What’s more, this company can also provide OEM and ODM service. If you have your own brand, and need a reliable and professional China wholesale vape manufacturer, VPFIT is your best choice.


2. SMOORE Technology Ltd — China wholesale vape manufacturing technology and quality standard leader.

Vape Manufacturers (2023) Smoore logo

Vape Manufacturers (2023) Smoore logo

SMOORE was founded in 2009. It is a wholesale vape manufacturer and supplier in China that provides a wide selection of high-quality products for retailers and resellers. Therefore, SMOORE is a global leader in vaping technology nowadays. Their brands including Vaporesso and Feelm.

In addition, SMOORE has the latest technology and rigorous quality testing standards in vape manufacturing industry. It has a strong focus on research and development, with three different research centers.

Moreover, it won the “21st China Patent Excellence Award” for its innovative work in 2021.

Let’s introduce about its brands, Vaporesso and Feelm .

Vaporesso provide you full range of open-system vapes. Their products series include the Veco, Luxe, Zero and Gen. Their have expend their market to more than 50 countries around the world.

Feelm specializes in atomizers – wicks and coils. They usually cooperate with other vape manufacturers. They can providing coils that intensify flavor to enhance the vaping experience.

With SMOORE, retailers and resellers can purchase wholesale vape products from China at competitive prices quickly and easily. In addition, their expert customer service team and delivery options assures that your order will be safely and conveniently.


3. SMOK – One of the best selling China wholesale vape manufacturers.

China Vape Manufacturers (2023) SMOK logo

China Vape Manufacturers (2023) SMOK logo

SMOK is another vape brand from IVPS Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China. It is top level among wholesale vape manufacturers in China.

In addition, it is also an outfit that handles everything from research to sales. It start produce vapes and related products since 2010.

SMOK offers various vape products at the full range of price points, from entry level to committed vapers. With huge variety on offer, SMOK has now become one of the most popular vaping brand.

In addition, they also provide discounts and free international shipping on all bulk orders. This makes them one of the most convenient and the most cost-effective China vape manufacturers around.


4. Geekvape – China vape manufacturer best for innovation

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Geekvape logo

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Geekvape logo

Geekvape was founded in 2015. Their innovation ability that lies behind its successful range of vapes.

The global headquarters of Geekvape is in China. Besides, they have offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. There are over 5,000 stuffs in this company. By now, they have export their products to over 70 countries worldwide.

In addition, by crowdsourced feedback from its customers, Geekvape gets information for their future product development. This is a very clever way to collect real consumer demand.

The vapers can apply online to become member of the “GeekLAB”, get freebies and discounts in return. By this way, Geekvape easily gets detailed information on customers’ vaping habits, like flavors, product prefers, etc.

Moreover, as one of the leading China vape manufacturer, Geekvape also has huge production ability. They can produce over 60 million individual Geekvape products every single month.

Additionally, Geekvape’s product line-up is constantly evolving. They have four different series of vapes: Wenax, Obelisk, U, V, and the phenomenally popular Aegis. Among them, Aegis is a very popular vape. It has over 20 million of sales volume.

Geekvape’ products include box mods, pod systems, vapes pre-filled with e-liquid, coils, tanks, chargers, and batteries. All the devices can be reused, and they’re both resilient and attractive.


5. Uwell

Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Uwell logo

Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Uwell logo

Uwell is another Shenzhen wholesale vape company, founded in 2015. It focuses on R&D innovative technology and manufacturing vapes to meet evolving customer demand.

In addition, its name comes from the phrase “I wish you well.” The brand name also reflects the company’s mission. That is providing the best possible vaping experience as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.

This China wholesale vape manufacturer has complete teams for R&D, sales, supply chain, production, brand marketing and corporate services.

Moreover, its product range covers pod systems, pod mods, kits and tanks. The Caliburn X is their top sale vapes, also the winner of the 2022 Best Pod Vapes Award from Vaping 360.

They also have other popular vape series including the Caliburn G, Valyrian Pod, Crown IV and Caliburn Koko.

Additionally, Uwell can offer a 6 months limited warranty for all its non-perishable products. That covers everything except coils, pod cartridges, o-rings and glass.


6. Eleaf Electronic Co., Ltd.

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Eleaf logo

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Eleaf logo

Eleaf Electronic Co., Ltd. is also one of the leading vape manufacturers in the vaping industry. If you are retailers or resellers looking to buy quality vape products in bulk, Eleaf is also a good choice.

In addition, their impressive collection includes a wide range of high-performance hardware, starter kits, tanks, mods, coils, and other accessories.

Moreover, all products offered by Eleaf are rigorously tested for safety and performance assurance according to stringent industry standards.

With its commitment to excellence, Eleaf can be relied on to provide unparalleled service and unbeatable prices.

Retailers and resellers of vaping businesses can benefit immensely from Eleaf’s vast selection of innovative technologies at competitive prices.


7. Voopoo – One of the best China vape manufacturers use chip technology.

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Voopoo logo

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Voopoo logo

Voopoo is professional in high-tech vapes. They use smart technology to deliver perfect vaping experience to the vape users. The company is cooperating with GENE, a US-based chip firm.

With this cooperative relationship, the are creating vapes that can be fine-tuned in terms of their power, temperature and mode switching.

Besides, their main products include the DRAG S and DRAG X. These two series have won multiple industry awards.

In 2021, Voopoo launch pod products including the DRAG NANO 2, VINCI Q Pod and VINCI Pod Royal Edition.

And in 2022, Voopoo launched vapes with a brand new chip, the GENE TT, 2.0. This innovative technology improvement provide vape users unprecedented control over the management of two separate batteries.

The result is, the vape users get a longer-lasting vaping experience.

Moreover, Voopoo prides itself on the high quality and reliability of its products.


8. Innokin – One of the China wholesale vape manufacturers best for the environment

Vape Manufacturers (2023) Innokin logo

Vape Manufacturers (2023) Innokin logo

Established back in 2011, this Chinese vape manufacturer Innokin now sell their wares in over 80 countries around the world. Their mission focuses on vapes as a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco.

But their vapes are used by those who’ve never smoked too.

As one of the leading China wholesale vape manufacturers, Innokin has various product range. Their range is extensive, but what really sets them apart from the crowd is their focus on environmental sustainability.

That commitment covers both their manufacturing processes and their packaging. And it’s also resulted in some innovative new products.

In addition, the Enviro is the world’s first disposable vape to be almost entirely recyclable. And the Aquios system enables vaping using water-based e-liquids.

Innokin also produce pod systems, vape tanks, and complete vape kits. All their products have Child Resistant Certification, protecting them from use by children. And they all come with a 90-day limited warranty too.

Moreover, the brand cleaned up at the 2022 Ecigclick vaping awards, taking home no fewer than eight different accolades. That included gold awards for best pod vape, best vape pen, best MTL tank, and best RBA.


9. iJOYCIG International Co., Ltd.

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Ijoycig logo

List of Best China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers (2023) Ijoycig logo

For vape retailers and resellers, selecting a reliable China wholesale vape manufacturer is always a top priority. Fortunately, that’s easy with iJoycig International Co., Ltd.

As one of China’s top wholesale vape manufacturers, they can offer premium quality products at competitive prices to their clients.

In addition, they also have a large selection of vaporizers, e-liquids, tanks, accessories and more. This allows the vape retailers and resellers to find the best bulk items for their business.

Moreover, their dedication to customer service and support also assure that all vaping supplies are covered when working with iJoycig.


10. IMiracle

IMiracle is another China vape manufacturer founded in 2016. It’s another company based in Shenzhen.

Actually, not everyone who vapes knows IMiracle. But they’ll almost certainly have heard of some of the brands manufactured by the company. Those include some of the best-known names in disposable vapes, like Elf Bar and Lost Mary.

In addition, both those vapes feature a range of different battery powers and e-liquid flavors. The Elf Bar BC5000 alone has over 63 different flavors. And models from both lines regularly feature in lists of the most popular vapes in the USA and beyond.


How to find the best China wholesale vape manufacturers?

There are many wholesale vape manufacturers in China. It may be challenging to find the best one because you have a lot to choose from. Normally, wholesale vape manufacturers follow the same about the leading time, order quantity, and price.

The followngs will introduce you some factors that you should consider and remember when finding wholesale vape manufacturers in China.

First, minimum order requirement(MOQ).

All the wholesale manufacturers have MOQ to determine the smallest quantity of products you should avail of in a single purchase. You need to choose according to your demand and their MOQ. Moreover, this minimum order requirement also influence the wholesale pricing.

Second, Price.

Wholesale vapes manufacturers provide different prices per unit according to the number of units you are purchasing.

Third, production ability.

The production ability is another factor you need to consider. If you are going to placing a large bulk of vapes order, you need to find a larger and professional vape manufacturer in China.

Since if there is any mistake during the production, it may cause big problem to you. Large wholesale vape manufacturers always has complete production quality control systerm, material purchasing department and complete administration systerm. They can provide you higher ensurance.

Third, shipping terms.

All the wholesale vape manufacturers in this list are located in China. Therefore, you may need to pay import tax when placing the order. Additionally, the leading time, shipping ways, ports are also factors you need to consider about.

The conclusion about finding China wholesale vape manufacturers in the end.

It is challenging and requires a lot of researches when choosing the right wholesale China vape manufacturers. After evaluating these ten manufacturers, VPFIT is the best choice. Since they have quality products and range of items to provide to the retailers and resellers.

Additionally, VPFIT’s professional and efficient distribution network and excellent customer service make it reliable to purchase from.

Moreover, the listing China vape manufacturers are all worth to trust. Whether you want to purchase in bulk or make a single purchase, you can trust these companies. They can provide you efficient delivery network and top-notch customer support.

In addition, these wholesale vape manufacturers in China all have their own strengths. Some of them are focusing on R&D, environmental sustainability or low cost, while others are more professional on hi-tech innovation, quality.

But they all wants to continually improving their products to meet the changing demand of the market and customers.

Here is the end of our analytic at the 10 best wholesale vape manufacturers in China. We believe this article will be very helpful for you to find the best manufacturers in China.


Newest update on June 19th.