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US vape Hawaii new vapes tax collection bill
US vape Hawaii new vapes tax collection bill
April 11, 2023
Juul Will Pay $462 Million In Compensation To 6 States In US
Juul Will Pay $462 Million In Compensation To 6 States In US
April 13, 2023

UK 1 Million Vapes For Free Encourage From Cigarette To Vape

Although the recent illegal use of disposable vapes in the UK has caused some anxiety among teenagers, authorities still support vapes and defend the right of adult smokers to switch to vape.

They even contemplate using vape as medical products to license smoking cessation, which truly makes vaping users around the world envious.

The UK government announced on Tuesday that it will encourage up to 1 million smokers to switch their cigarettes to vapes and even provide economic incentives to pregnant women to achieve this world first practice.

Department of Health stated that under this plan, nearly one fifth of smokers will receive vape starter kits and support to help quit smoking.

Meanwhile, pregnant women will also receive a £ 400 voucher to help them quit smoking, as part of the government’s goal of reducing the number of smokers from the current 13% to 5% or less.

The Department of Health stated that although the global average smoking rate is higher than in the UK, tobacco remains the highest preventable cause of death and disease in the country.

The UK government spent £ 68 million in 2021-2022 on measures taken by local authorities to encourage people to quit smoking, prompting 100000 smokers to quit smoking, and alleviating the pressure on the UK’s overburdened National Health Service system.

However, vapes have been criticized, and health officials have warned that the prevalence of vape among children has exposed them to chemicals whose long-term effects are still unclear.

According to health service data, 9% of teenagers aged 11 to 15 in the UK used vape in 2021, up from 6% three years ago.

The UK government has announced the establishment of a law enforcement team supported by £ 3 million to prevent the illegal sale of vapes to teenagers under the age of 18.

The UK’s National Health Department has long suggested that vapes can help smokers quit smoking, but has never provided people with a device to start quitting.

The starter kit will provide smokers with a choice of products, intensity, and taste, while they will receive smoking cessation support.

It is understood that users can apply to community health centers or smoking cessation service institutions.

More than 3 million people in the UK use vapes. Experts agree that vapes are safer than smoking, because they contain nicotine in liquid form, which is heated into steam and inhaled, avoiding harmful tobacco smoke.

Supporters of vape point out that a study in the UK estimated that in 2017, vapes helped over 50000 smokers in the UK quit smoking.

But the World Health Organization warns that many studies question the use of vapes to quit smoking.

According to official estimates, the national smoking cessation plan will cost approximately £ 45 million within two years.

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