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BAT Invests In Developing CBD Drugs
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US vape Hawaii new vapes tax collection bill

US vape Hawaii new vapes tax collection bill

US vape Hawaii new vapes tax collection bill

US vape news On April 8th. According to The Honolulu Star Advertiser in Hawaii. The new tax bill (S.B 975) in Hawaii has been passed by the Hawaii Finance Council (FIN), but the bill (S.B 1447) attempting to address the increase in adolescent vaping rates has been declared “dead” as it did not appear on the state hearing agenda on April 6th.

Senate Bill 975 proposes to amend the definition of “tobacco products” in the Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Act to include electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette oil products. This means that electronic cigarette products will implement the same tax standards as tobacco products such as cigarettes. In addition, the bill proposes to increase the licensing fees for distributors and retailers of cigarettes and tobacco products.

The bill states that the current tax rate of electronic cigarettes is much lower than that of combustible cigarettes, and the government needs to make tax adjustments.

According to The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, legislators and candidates in Hawaii were required to sign a commitment letter this year, promising to refuse any campaign donations from tobacco companies. Currently, 30 current legislators have signed the commitment letter.

According to a survey, nearly one-third of public high school students and nearly one-fifth of high school students in Hawaii frequently use vape products.

Supporters of the bill believe that raising taxes will be an effective measure to reduce the use of vape by price sensitive young people.

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