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Swedish Expect The EU E-cigarette Tax To Be Stricter Higher

Swedish Expect The EU E-cigarette Tax

Swedish Expect The EU E-cigarette Tax

JSBvape world view news:

By foreign media report.In an interview with the independent news agency “EURACTIV”, Johan Nissinen, a conservative member of the European Union in Sweden, said that the legislation on e-cigarette at the national level would be more effective than that at the EU level. Each country faces different problems in tobacco. Swedish legislators expect the EU e-cigarette tax to be stricter and higher.

In recent years, e-cigarettes and related equipment have become more and more popular in Europe.

With regard to the regulation of product consumption and marketing, Nissinen suggested that each member country should implement national legislation.

“I don’t want the EU to formulate regulations applicable to all countries. Each country needs to pay attention to its own characteristics. Each country faces different problems in tobacco.”

He added: “Europe is too divided on this issue to formulate relevant regulations.”

“The main focus should be on reducing the harm. If they decide to tax, the tax should be based on how bad the situation is. Cigarettes will be subject to the highest tax, and their use will decline.”

EU Tobacco Directive.

It is expected that the European Commission will revise its 2014 directive on tobacco products before the end of the current legislative term (2024). This revision should take into account the increasing number of e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products and advertisements.

Nissinen commented: “I expect that the tobacco directive will impose higher taxes on all products and will be more stringent.”

On June 29, 2022, the European Commission proposed to ban the taste of heated tobacco in the EU, although the regulation does not involve e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

Stella Kyriakides, the EU health commissioner, said in a statement: “Nine out of every 10 cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. We hope to make smoking less attractive as far as possible, so as to protect the health of our citizens and save lives.”

She added: “In order to achieve this goal, stronger measures must be taken to reduce tobacco consumption and keep pace with the continuous influx of new products in the market, which is particularly important for the protection of young people.”