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Altria plans to acquire NJOY | Jsbvape – Authoritative China Vape

Altria plans to acquire NJOY

JSBvape world view news 28th Feb.Authoritative China vape media.

By the Wall Street Journal report on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter, that Altria Group (MO. N) plans to negotiate with NJOY, the third largest vape  brand in the United States, for $2.75 billion. It is reported that NJOY has a total of 6 products approved by FDA’s PMTA.The result of this transaction may be announced as early as this week, and it is reported that the negotiation still has the possibility of failure.

NJOY market ranking: the third in the United States, with single-digit share

According to the January data of American electronic cigarette market share released by Nielsen, Vuse’s market share rose to 41.1% from 40.7% in the previous report, while Juul’s market share fell to 26.7% from 27%.

Throughout 2022, Vuse’s market share was 35.7%, while Juul’s market share was 30.1%. NJoy, ranked third, fell from 2.8% to 2.7%, while the Blu eCigs of Fontem Ventures remained unchanged at 1.4%.

Altria is suffering: investment in Juul disaster, loss of IQOS distribution rights in the United States

The Wall Street Journal reported that if the regulatory milestone is reached, the proposed transaction will gain an additional $500 million.

A representative of Mudrick declined to comment. Altria spokesman said that the company would not comment on rumors and speculation. NJOY did not reply to the message seeking comment.

According to the analysis, NJOY will add more professional vape business for Altria through its vape products, some of which can be sold in the United States under the authorization of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The agency said in April and June last year that some of NJOY’s products could continue to be sold to Americans, including disposable vape pen, closed vape pod devices and flavoring tobacco smoke bombs.

At the same time, as part of the comprehensive review of electronic cigarette equipment, FDA rejected some other products of the company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Altria, which sells Marlboro cigarettes in the United States, has been seeking business diversification for many years. It is expanding to smoke-free nicotine substitutes because it is trying to cope with the decline in global smoking rate, which is related to serious health risks.

Last year, Altria cooperated with Japan Tobacco International to launch a new type of heating and non-burning equipment, and said that it planned to release more details in March.

NJOY is famous for its vape NJOY Ace, which is based on cartridge change. Its popular watermelon and blueberry supplements have been banned according to the new FDA policy. According to the Wall Street Journal, fruit flavor accounts for about 70% of the company’s sales.

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